Beauty Photography

"After all that spinning and zumba, I love my body - it shows how hard I've worked. I came to Focus to celebrate how far I've come, and keep me focused on what I'm doing all this for!" - Karen Fortier

Beauty Photography

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Our beauty lighting accentuates every face and figure

"Of Course I Was Nervous Going In. But My Session Was So Easy, And They Made Me Feel So Confident. I Love My Little Black Book!" - Sarah Bizmark

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We offer a range of styles, from soft and feminine, to glamour, to pinup, so your session will match your personality.

"I had Focus make me an album with me in all of the lingerie I'm going to wear on my honeymoon, because I don't want my fiance to ever forget how lucky he is to be marrying me :) " - Lisa Stewart

Black and White Fine Art Images

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Our black and white imlied images have an artistic feeling inspired by a Soho gallery exhibition we produced

Whether you want images for your family, a special someone, yourself, or a portfolio, come to Focus Photography. Our boutique photography studio and experienced staff will make your photosession fun and professional, and as decadent as a day spa.

We'll tell you everything you need to do: We know you haven't spent your life studying modeling and posing, but that doesn't mean you don't want to look beautiful in all your images. Our photographers, Will and Lucia, have helped hundreds of women of all sizes and ages emphasize their best features, while minimizing body parts we may not like.

We're lighting experts: At Focus Photography we use the most flattering lights for our beauty portraits, and the most dramatic lighting for our black and white Fine-Art style.

You'll look incredible in every image: We have an in-studio digital artist on hand to enhance and retouch every image we print!

Whether there's a few laugh lines we wish weren't so obvious, or a few pounds we wish we didn't have around our midsection, most of us have something we'd like to magically disappear. We can help, and at no extra charge!

You're going to be thrilled you came: Whether you're thinking of the perfect give for someone else, or you just want a pick-me-up now to raise your self-esteem, you're going to be glad you came to Focus Photography!

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"My boyfriend is stationed overseas, and I wanted to send him a pinup poster to remind him why he needs to come home to me safely, and he loved it!" - Tiffany Ridgemont