I am a classical pianist and a member of an award winning oboe, bassoon, and piano trio. I'm from Maine, but go to the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan.

I found Focus Photography online and was instantly impressed with their high quality images – I had seen a lot of other photographers' work that did not compare to Focus' quality, creativity, and uniqueness.

I had a studio session, as well as a shoot on the beach, and I was impressed with my how sessions went. At first I was nervous, but in short time, I was able to loosen up and smile and laugh naturally. I love my images – the quality is truly very impressive.

I will highly recommend Focus Photography to other rising seniors, and I highly suggest the session I did with the studio and beach portions. The variety you get in your pictures is great.

May Aihua Ye
Interlochen Arts Academy

I have been flying airplanes since I was in 10th grade and it is fantastic!!! You can't beat the feeling of serenity and freedom to be with the sky the sun and everything in between!!!!

My photo shoot took place at the Jetport and at the studio. I wanted my pics to represent something that I really enjoyed but also I knew that my parents wanted a few pics that were more formal.

I came to Focus because my sister did and her pics were great! I love how Will makes your photo shoot around you and he has some great ideas. What a great person to work with, he is easy going and a lot of fun.

I was very nervous during my session, but I am very happy with how my photos turned out. I will always remember Will's laugh and how comfortable he made me feel, even though I was nervous. I was thrilled overall by the fine quality of my images from Focus.

I loved all of my pics but my favorite was the one where I was standing in front of the full pic of the plane.

Steven Snyder

senior pictures in maine

Senior Pictures at the Beach

Focus Photography - The Senior Portrait Specialists

"Oh my goodness, I don't know who had more fun, my daughter getting her portraits taken or myself, witnessing a fun, memorable time, that you actually don't want to end. Even weeks after our session, we talk, laugh, and speak of of Will, Lucia, and Ali with such positive reflection, that I can't think of one thing that could have made our session with Focus any better. It was everything we expected and more!"

"After the wonderful experience we had in 2008 with our son Alex's senior session with Focus, the thought of going anywhere else for Marina was never an issue. We absolutely love her images! We chose to have some studio and also a rocky coast setting, which produced a perfect variety of portraits. The studio sessions, allowed us to let Will use his full artistic ability to chose colors, poses and create images that wowed us. The beach setting also offered images that not only captured our daughters' beauty but natures also."

"I can't say enough about Will, his upbeat personality is contagious! his expertise is unmeasurable, and he is just a joy to be around. You can trust him completely to have a successful photography experience, resulting in captivating images. A couple times during the session Will played around a bit with accessories, suggestions that were kind of out of the box and in doing so, created images that blew us away. The man just knows what he's doing plain and simple. "

"They say behind every man is a good woman. In Will's case it's Lucia! She is a woman that knows what shes talking about. She feels like an old friend every time I talk to her. She made our viewing session feel like a movie premiere. She answered any questions we had and gave us her honest opinion when we needed it. She is professional and amiable. Ali adds the finishing touches to an already polished experience! What a pleasure you all are. Thank you so much!"

Karla Silverman
Marina (and Alex's) mom

Mission 1

Find a moose in one of these images, and get the name of the senior who's picture it's in.

maine portrait photography studio

The Senior Portrait Specialists

The most important thing about senior pictures is that you love the way you look in them!

Our specialty at Focus Photography is making you look your best. Our photographer, Will Wenzel, knows how to use soft-lighting and fashion posing to bring out your best features.

In fact, we GUARANTEE you'll love your senior portraits. Just check this out.

senior portrait photographers

Contest & Drawing

Click Here for Info

Mission Possible

Find 5 objectives and complete them to enter our raffle!

Scattered among the popup images on this page and the stories that go with them are five puzzles you'll need to find and complete in order to enter our class of 2016 lottery! You might have to find hidden items in the pictures, figure out what people do, like, or listen to, and you'll even have to find where to send your puzzle entry form. Lottery winner will be chosen December 1, and the winner will receive $500 worth of gift items - some for you, and some you can give your parents for the holidays. All entrants will also receive a free gift you can use for your senior pictures with Focus Photography!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the five puzzles, complete them, and send us your answers (hint - one of the searches deals with how to send us what you've found, and each objective is clearly labeled "Mission").

professional senior portrait photographers in maine

Unique Sports Posters

Only at Focus Photography - Portland, Maine

"My name is Desiray, and I'm into painting, chorus, and creative writing. I'm either going to Maine College of Art in Portland or New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester after high school. My favorites bands of all time are Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Tool, Sublime, and surprisingly…Lady Gaga."

"I came to Focus because the images on the website had the right look to them that appealed to me. I saw the image of the guy with his back against a graffiti wall, and I was instantly sold."

"I chose the studio/downtown session. I really enjoy an alternative look and on my session I got to pose in front of some amazing graffiti in a really cool urban setting."

"At first I was very nervous, but Will was really nice and helped me loosen up. I also liked that he was very artistic and easy going."

"I love the different look of the photographs and the way the colors pop. It was exactly what I wanted from seeing the images on the website. I had never really seen myself look so good! The pictures seemed to really capture who I am and that makes me extremely ecstatic."

"I would definitely recommend Focus, and in fact I told all my friends on how great it went. They are all jealous of all the cool and different things I got to do. I would totally recommend the downtown session for a very remarkable time."

Wow, you found the way to enter our contest!

If you solve all the puzzle missions, you can fill out an entry here.

Desiray Wescott
Bonny Eagle High School

"My name is Sarah, and I'm involved in marching band, jazz band, theater, and tennis at my school, and the Portland Youth Wind Ensemble and Orchestra outside of school. I am also in the National Honors Society at my school, which is so much fun! Music is pretty much my life, though."

"My senior photo with Focus was done in their studio and downtown Portland. I absolutely loved the effects of the downtown setting because I never thought I would have so much fun and look so great lying on the streets of Portland. Thanks Will!"

"I LOVED the session!! Will was so much fun, and there was no part of it that was uncomfortable, even though I'd never done a photo shoot before. Like I said, I never had so much fun lying on the streets of Portland, not that I do that often, anyway."

"Working with Will was incredible! Not only was he a lot of fun, but he really knew what he was doing. You can tell that he always wants to take pictures that compliment a person's individuality, and the poses and styles he comes up with are creative and unique. It was really a blast working with Will, and I'm SO glad I got the opportunity!"

"Everything about my images was spectacular. Even though I had taken pictures in different outfits, I was afraid a lot of the pictures would be similar. That's why I was so surprised when I'd finally gotten to see them. I had a different expression, pose, outfit, or setting in almost every picture, and every factor contributed to the overall story and impression of the picture. I was shocked at the results because they were absolutely incredible and way beyond my expectations!"


"To upcoming seniors, I just have to say that you should try to do the most with Focus that you can! Go to the beach and the studio and just have a blast with it! Both Will and Lucia are AMAZING people and I'm really glad I met them! Don't be nervous, I can guarantee that you'll be surprised at the amount of fun you can have and the amazing results you'll get! I would definitely recommend Focus to anybody!!"

"THANK YOU GUYS SO SO SO SO MUCH!! I was worried I wouldn't get good pictures taken anywhere, but this shoot exceeded my expectations SOO much! "

Sarah Foster
Westrbook High School

Sometimes your favorite images won't be the ones you're aware of.

While working with Deanna, Will noticed a calm cross her face as she composed herself after laughing, and capture this image without Deanna knowing - it turned out to be her favorite.

"My name is Nick, and my schedule is the best thing about being a senior – I get out early everday!"

"My mom and I looked at Focus Photography's website, and couldn't believe how nice the photos were! It looked like something out of Hollywood!"

"My photo shoot was pretty cool! We went to the beach, and Will had me pose in a bunch of different places there — on the big rocks, on the sandy beach and near the lighthouse. Will and Ali made me feel special and totally relaxed. I liked being outside near the crashing waves of the ocean too."

"Will was really cool to work with. He immediately made me feel relaxed with his sense of humor. He had me pose in certain ways that after seeing the images, looked really natural."

"I was blown away by the images! They looked like pictures in a magazine, especially when Lucia displayed them in the slideshow. It was hard to decide on a yearbook photo because there were so many good ones to choose from but Lucia helped my mom and I narrow down the images we all liked best."

"The images look so professional. I wondered why they brought a light to my outdoor shoot, but now I know because it makes a huge difference in the end result. You can tell right off when you look at them that they were done professionally, and by people as creative and talented as Focus Photography."

"My mom, dad and I would highly recommend Focus Photography for senior photos or ANY photos! They really care about your satisfaction and go above and beyond to make you feel really special during the photo shoot. Mom says Lucia was great to work with during the selection and ordering process. She aims to keep you within your budget, by helping you narrow down and focus on ways to get the most bang for your buck. You'll look at these pictures everyday, and be amazed at how nice they look!"

Nick Theriault

"My daughter Marissa had her senior pictures taken at Focus Photography last summer while we were visiting the Portland area from Lompoc, California."

"The website really caught my eye. I could tell that Will really likes experimenting with different poses and scenery and has a wide imagination with each subject."

"The day we spent with Will in the studio and in the Old Port was a memory we will never forget. Will made my daughter feel like she was a fasion model and she loved loved loved all the attention and pampering."

"The images were AMAZING. It was so hard to narrow the amount down. We couldn't find any bad ones and the ordering experience was a lot of fun as well. We felt very comfortable and took our time making sure it was all taken care of."

"If all turns out right we will be back in 3 years when Marissa's sister is a senior."

"I just want to thank Will....we really had a great time and think he is Awesome."

Sarah Merrick
Lompoc, California

Mission 2

Find the tennis player, and determine which locations she chose for her senior sessions



Every once in a while, a senior will want to be photographed somewhere other than one of our usual locations. Mandie's horse was really important to her, and she wanted us to photographer her at this stable.

That's what our 'Destination' session is - we'll meet you wherever its most meaningful for you. There's travel fees and time constraints of course, but if you want us to come to your house, country club, school field, or New York City, we're happy to help you get the photoshoot of your dreams!



In Your Senior Portraits!

You've had eleven years of generic school pictures you were never quite prepared for. Isn't time you looked like a super star instead?

Here's How!

How To Look Your Best In your senior portraits - the top ten tips!

These are the top ten things you (as the senior) can control to look great in your images. We didn't list things like 'different body types look better from different angles; choose backgrounds that complement and don't distract from the subject; direct the subject to look their best, strong for the guys, feminine for the girls' because those are the things professional portrait photographers should handle for you.

10 - Get a great nights' sleep! Easier said than done, but the night before your photoshoot is definitely not a good night for an all-night slumber party.

9 - Eye & Sun Glasses. Sunglasses look great in beach pictures, and then you can take them off. Self-graying prescription lenses usually don't photograph as well, and then you'll need to take them off anyway. Have a pair of non-darkening glasses with you. Speaking of glasses.... If your lenses have a curve, or a thickness you can measure, consider borrowing a pair of empty frames from your optometrist. You'll still look like you're wearing your glasses, but you won't get the reflections in the lenses.

8 - Skin Care. This used to be higher up the list, but with better treatments, and the fact that at Focus we're able to retouch our seniors more naturally than ever before, this isn't something to worry about nearly as much. Of course, if you're not coming to Focus Photography, you'll want to consider a pretty strict skin care regimen for the month or so before your photoshoot.

7 - Hair. Okay, two things to consider here. Don't get a radical new haircut the week before your session. And if yousometimes wear your hair straight, and sometimes wavy, consider having two photo shoots. All of our Safari photo sessions include a free studio session on another day, so that's a great way to get both curly and straight!

6 - No Sunburns. No tanlines. No peeling. It's harder to look good for your photoshoot after you've been laying out, then it is to get a spray tan just before your session, and know that your skin will look good.

5 - Girls - The Right Makeup (consider having us book you a make up artist). Guys, a CLOSE shave just before you come.

4 - Variety This is so important, it could easily be in the top three ways to look great in your senior pictures. Bring a lot of outfits. Use a lot of different backdrops/locations/backgrounds. Try all sorts of poses. Be photographed from all different angles and heights. Expressions, effects, and emotions - everything is about variety. The more variety your images have, the better they can tell the story of all the different sides of you!

3 - Comfort With/Confidence In Your Photographer. Even for professional models, if they're not confident in their photographer, their shoot isn't going to go well. Your photographer's personality, and the rapport you form with her/him, is going to make a big difference here. Consider having a design consult ahead of time, to discuss ideas, clothing, etc., and you'll have more confidence. One of the reasons we offer a free studio session along with our Safari sessions is so we can work together before the big beach shoot, and talk a little more about these things.

2 - Clothing. This is too large a topic for this little web pop-up, but definitely consider a wardrobe consultation with your photographer before your senior photoshoot. Three things you should consider: Bring three times as many outfits as you need so your photographer has options. Bring a variety of clothing (something you'd wear to a dance; something you'd wear in the fall to go apple picking; a full length prom gown; jeans and a sweater; jackets; scarves; hats). And show less skin than you're thinking of.

And the number one way to look great in your senior portraits: Come to Focus Photography! Okay, you knew that was coming. But seriously, there are reasons that the seniors on this page are raving about us - we're not just a professional senior photography studio - we're experts at making people loook and feel their best!


Images that show what you love

Bring your uniforms, sports equipment, instruments, or dance costumes to your studio session to get images of what you love and who you are in addition to your yearbook photos

Your Pictures will be as unique as you are!

You get the most image variety when you come to Focus Photography. Your portraits will reflect you, and your personality. Most studios do the same set of images for each senior. Not us - that's boring!

At Focus, you'll choose from an amazing variety of images, and your pictures won't look like anyone else's! We didn't become the top senior studio in Maine by being mundane - we did it by being original.

If you want pictures that are contemporary and creative, instead of looking like your grandmother's yearbook, you've got to come to Focus Photography!

"My session with Will was fun. There are some photographers that are awkward, but Will really knows how to talk to people. I was expecting the shoot to be quiet, but between the music and Will's fun interjections and advice, I found myself laughing and enjoying the entire shoot."

"In my pictures, I look gorgeous! I was very happy with the variety I had to choose from. I had silly pictures, serious pictures, and pictures showing me enjoying the things I love. My images have more personality than my friends'!"

"The viewing experience was fun for me. It was really hard choosing between the images, because they were all so good! Every member of the staff was extremely helpful and knowledgable."

Sasha Bukovskey
Gray New Gloucester

Mission 3

Find the girl who says she came to Focus because she was impressed with the senior portraits of her brother that we created. What instrument does she play?

"I had the best time at my photoshoot, and Will made me feel so confident and beautiful, like every picture would be gorgeous. I love how good I looked in my pictures, happy, as if I was just hanging out with my friends. I think I glowed!!"

Amanda Black

"My friends were so jealous of how my pictures came out! I've got a whole book of amazing images, and they've got a few that are bleh at best. Thanks Focus!

Stephi Jay

Your Photoshoot will be fun!

This isn't another year of school pictures, dance photos, or cheesy 'smile for the camera' moments.

Our Downtown/Studio Session will take you on a tour through Portland's cobblestone lanes, scenic waterfront, and grungy back alleys to create the most unique urban and coastal images ever.

senior portrait photographers

professional senior portrait photographers in maine

The Downtown/Waterfront Session

The Most Unique Senior Portraits

"My name is Stephanie, and I'm the captain of the varsity tennis team at Cheverus."

"My photos were taken in the studio, downtown, and at the beach. I loved the package I chose! It definitely gave me the variety I was looking for. It allowed me to express all sides of me. I love to go out and have fun downtown, but I also like to spend time on Maine's beautiful coast."

"My photoshoot was really fun! I was a little nervous to begin with but Will just kept making me laugh and I eventually forgot about being nervous. He made me so comfortable and he was definitely the biggest reason the session was so fun. He was goofy but very professional at the same time. He helped me find the best poses for my body and explained to me the importance of little things in my pictures. Will definitely knows what he's doing!"

"I loved my images! They were absolutely amazing. The first thing I told Will was that I'm not photogenic, but he totally proved me wrong. The pictures had amazing clarity and were of the best quality. I got everything I was promised and more. I honestly can't imagine my pictures coming out any better than they did."

"I would tell rising seniors to definitely choose Focus Photography. There wasn't anything about the entire process that I didn't love. Thank you so much for the amazing job that you did!!"

Stephanie Maxsimic
Cheverus High School

cool sports posters for seniors

Unique Senior Portraits

Only at Focus Photography - Portland, Maine

Mission 5

Find the art student who says she listens to both Alice in Chains and Lady Gaga.

She'll tell you where to send your entry!

professional senior portrait photography studio in maine

Downtown Senior Portraits

Only at Focus Photography - Portland, Maine

"My photoshoot felt like I was being featured in Vogue magazine, with the fans blowing my hair, and the high-fashion lighting. It was a blast. And my boyfriend's images looked like he was in Sports Illustrated!"

Karen Weston

"Painless. Enjoyable. And I laughed - a lot! Mom's happy, and my girlfriend says my images look like one of Tom Brady's photoshoots. That works for me. "

Michael Clark

"Before I came to Focus, I was looking in depth at another photographer, when I took a look at the Focus website. I was really impressed by the combination of creativity and professional quality of Will's images. At first, I worried the prices were out of reach, but then I realized that the prices for the other photographers were about the same, if not higher, and plus, Focus's images were better :) I'm so glad I chose Focus!"

"I had a park session for my photoshoot. The variety of backdrops at the park made each of my images unique; there was a pond, and there were tons of flowers and trees to pose by, not to mention a pretty little stream. Color is important to me, and this park had plenty of it!"

"Will was great. He was definitely goofy, but that made me laugh, so there are plenty of pictures with me smiling. After many of the images, Will would say things like, "Goooorgeous," which made me feel really good about myself. I hadn't felt that pretty in ages!"

"Will was able to capture my serious side, something that does not often show itself. The quality of all the images was really great! I also liked how some of the pictures weren't exactly portraits, but more like pieces of art that happened to have me in them. My images definitely lived up to my expectations based on the examples on the website."

"I am so pleased with how my pictures came out. I think Will really captured me at my best. My mom almost cried when she saw a few – that's a good sign! I think I looked really pretty in my pictures, and they are certainly something I am going to keep to show my kids someday."

"There were so many awesome photos, so it was really hard to choose a favorite. The one my mom and I finally decided on is in sepia, and it is a close up. I don't actually remember Will taking it – I think I had just finished blinking, because my eyes are just slightly closed and I'm looking down at the camera. I love it because I have never seen myself look so glamorous!"

"I would definitely recommend Focus. It is a small business, and that makes the atmosphere really comfortable. Ali, Will, and Lucia are really great people, and they're good at what they do. When it comes time for your shoot, be excited! Don't be nervous at all, and Will puts you at ease right from the start, anyway."

Abbie Bonnevie
Greely High School

"My name is Marina. In school I play basketball and tennis, and participate in a program called Bigs and Littles which is where students from the high school go to the elementary school to mentor younger children. Also, at my church I have aided and this year will be teaching a 1st grade religious education class."

"I came to Focus Photography because my sister had her pictures done there back in 2009 and my mom was thrilled with the way hers turned out!"

"For my session I chose to be in studio and downtown. I enjoyed a mixture of photos ranging from being in my prom dress to being outside by the water leaning construction equipment. I chose downtown because for me I like the city with all the hustle and bustle."

"I absolutely loved my photoshoot! Will made it fun, relaxing, and entertaining. Being out in the Old Port with people watching me as they walked by, I have to admit I liked the attention. I laughed a lot! "

"I am very pleased with my images. I have to say I liked every one of them and it was hard for my mom and I to choose just a few to give to people. The downtown images were picturesque and fun to shoot, although my favorites are the ones in the studio. I like close up shots of me, and the studio provided this setting. "

"I definitely recommend Focus Photography for senior pictures. Will does a great job in capturing who you are as a senior and being true to yourself. I suggest bringing many different outfits because you never know what you will wear and Will helps you to narrow down your choices. "

"My whole senior picture experience was a blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you Will, Lucia, and Ali for making it such a great experience! "

Marina Goding

"My name is Christine, I'm a senior at Greely, and I am a dancer! I dance at Casco Bay Movers Dance Studio and am a member of Portland Youth Dance Company. My favorite store is definitely American Eagle. So much of my closet comes from this store, because I go in there and find something I love every time!"

"For my photo shoot, I went to the beach and also to the studio. I have loved the beach ever since I was a little girl and really wanted to have some photographs of myself captured there. I'm also happy that I had the studio session for more classic looks - I never thought they would turn out that spectacular!"

"I was a little bit nervous before the session, just because this was the first time I had ever had professional pictures taken of me by myself. Once I relaxed a bit though, it was lots of fun! I honestly felt like a model! Will was....so great! He was a little goofy, but I liked it! He gave me lots of direction in how to pose and how to have a natural smile. I enjoyed his great sense of humor and his personality quite a bit!"

"I absolutely loved watching the slideshow - that was my favorite part actually! I was looking forward so much to seeing my images, and I wasn't let down one bit with the amazing presentation of the photos!"

"The quality of my images was fantastic and very professional - I had never seen images of myself that I loved so much! The way the images were captured highlighted some of my favorite facial features, such as my eyes. They seemed to be edited just the right amount to make me still look very natural. I loved the variety of up-close shots with further-back shots. There were some images that I literally could not take my eyes off - they made me feel so beautiful, inside and out! Overall, I love how my pictures came out."

"I would highly recommend Focus Photography for future rising seniors! You guys did such an amazing job with my pictures, it's unbelievable! I'm really glad that I had both a beach session and an indoor session, and this is what I would recommend in order for seniors to decide between shots in different settings."

"I can't say thank you enough!! This was one of the best experiences for me! It boosted my self-confidence and helped me to see my own beauty. I felt so happy during both the photo shoot and the viewing session. I'm very, very glad that my family and I chose to use Focus photography for my senior pictures - again, the best pictures I've ever seen of myself, and probably ever will see!"

Christine Zambernardi
Greely High School

professional senior portrait photographers in maine

Senior Portraits at the Beach

Only at Focus Photography - Portland, Maine

maine portrait photography studio

The Senior Portrait Specialists

professional senior portrait photographers in maine

Be Yourself

Unique Senior Pictures - Focus Photography, Maine

"My name is Dana, and I'm involved in cross country, track, piano, skiing, and rock climbing. The best part about being a senior is knowing that after this year, I'm done. I can't wait for college and the rest of my life!"

"I came to Focus because my brother had gone the year before and I thought that his pictures turned out great. Like seriously, I didn't think that my brother was that photogenic. Because my brother had success at Focus, I was more than willing to give it a try."

"The session went great!! I wasn't nervous at all. It was a ton of fun and Will did a great job. The shoot went by way too quickly. He did a great job of telling me where and how to pose. I'd never done a photo shoot before, but he did a fantastic job making sure that I knew what to do. I was very relaxed around him and he did a great job making me laugh."

"I LOVE the way I look in the images! I think that I look very natural in all of them; none of the pictures look posed. They are perfect! The picture quality was just as amazing as advertised on the website, and I love how some of the outfits were complimented by colors in the natural background."

"I would tell other rising seniors that they should definitely go to Focus Photography for their senior pictures. You guys do a phenomenal job! Focus Photography did an outstanding job on my senior pictures. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you so much!!"

Dana Benger
Greely High School

"My name is Brittney Cacace. I'm heavily involved in Drama club, as well as our school's anime club. "

"I came to Focus because the photos I saw were the best quality out of all the places I looked at. Everyone's shots were so clean and catered to their personalities; I could really be myself during the photo shoot."

"My photo shoot was done in the Old Port. It's a place where I tend to go to a lot with my friends, so I was more than comfortable there, plus I really like the idea of cobble stones and brick walls. It's very aesthetically pleasing to me."

"Will was incredibly fun to work with. He had visions and ideas of what he wanted to do for each outfit, and he was so good at directing me for each shot. He made me feel so at ease. He knew what he was doing so I didn't need to worry about anything."

"I could not wait to see the images; I was practically bursting at the seams! I wasn't totally sure what to expect. The process of choosing an image was so great, as I was able to make my own decisions, but with the guidance of my family and a professional without being tuned out. The layout of the viewing session made it much easier to narrow it down to my favorite images, ones that I really loved. It all felt so tailored to my interests. The images were phenomenal. I have never seen pictures of myself so clear and vivid before. I loved every one of them. The colors were just so bold; it brought so much life to the photo. They all seemed like they were from a magazine. It was better than I ever imagined while looking through the other Seniors' photos. The real me really shined through."

"I would recommend Focus in a heartbeat. My session was nothing less than pure magic, and I wanted to thank you all at Focus for such an amazing experience. I would love to work with you again sometime. "

Brittney Cacace
Bonny Eagle High School

Mission 4

This is an easy one. Find us and 'like' us on facebook.