Senior PhotoShoots

Whether you want to be photographed for your senior portraits at the beach, in the park, on the cobblestone alleys of downtown Portland, or in our contemporary and air-conditioned studio, we have a PhotoShoot that's right for you!

Seniors in the Studio

  1. senior pictures photography studio maine
  2. senior pictures photography maine
  3. senior portrait photographers maine
  4. senior portrait photography studio maine
  5. senior portrait studio portland
  6. senior picture studio prom dress

"This is nothing like school pictures or any photography studio you've seen at the mall. I want to go back when my friends get their photos done just so I can hang out and watch" - Brian Leonas, Freeport

"I loved having so much variety in my images - like my own portfolio to celebrate the woman, and the person I've become!"

"I had my senior pictures taken in my high school's gym, and no one stopped me from looking like a jerk. That's not going to happen to you. You're going to be photographed in cool places, I'm going to tell you how to pose to look your best, and it's going to be fun. Hey, I don't even offer a session in my highschool's gym :)"

" Everything I do at Focus Photography is so you'll have an experience you'll remember forever." - Will Wenzel, your senior photographer at Focus Photography

Downtown Portland & The Waterfront

  1. high school senior photographed in old port maine
  2. senior photo in portland
  3. senior picture on lobster trap
  4. senior picture waterfront portland maine
  5. senior picture grafitti wall
  6. senior portrait waterfront maine

The cobblestones and bricks of Portland provide gritty backdrops for more edgy seniors, while the picturesque waterfront gives us more scenic images.

Senior PhotoShoots

Most seniors choose a studio Photo Shoot and one of our Photo Safaris for maximum image variety and an unforgettable experience!

The Contemporary Studio Photo Shoot


senior girl with guitar from studio photography 45 minutes - With dozens of background, foreground, and lighting combinations, no two studio sessions are ever the same. Time for up to three outfits.

A perfect Indoor Photo Shoot to pair with any of the Outdoor PhotoSafaris.

The Portfolio Session


senior portrait from indoor outdoor session3 hours - This is the perfect PhotoShoot for budding performers, models, entertainers and fashionistas!

If your wardrobe rivals a small boutique; if you have as many online photos as Kim Kardashian; or if you do more than two school activities in the course of the year, this is probably the PhotoShoot for you!

Downtown & The Waterfront


senior girl from downtown photography2 hours - An Old Port PhotoSafari that gives you the best of both worlds - the urban streets and cobblestone lanes of Portland's Old Port, with the picturesque charm of its waterfront.

Plus, you can change outfits without causing a traffic jam - we bring a portable changing tent, and you can bring unlimited outfits!

Our Most Popular Session!

The Park


senior portrait at park1 hour at a choice of our 3 Park Locations and 1 hour in the studio first.

The Park is the place to go if you want portraits with flowers, trees, grass and sunlight. Choice of 3 locations, one a grassy park with flowers and water, one a woodsy nature preserve, and the third on the coast (Fort Williams).

The Beach


senior portrait at beach maine90 minutes at the beach, and a 90 minute studio/downtown session beforehand!

On no other coast but Maine's can you get as many backgrounds and unique images in one photo session! On the sand, among the rocks, or in the wildflowers, The Beach has it all.

We'll bring a changing tent so you can bring as many outfits as you like!

Your Place


senior portrat on rocks maineWe'll come to you!

Whether you want a PhotoShoot on your school grounds, horse stables, at your summer camp, or even in your own backyard, we'll make the location that matters most to you special in your senior images.

No travel charges within 30 miles of Portland. Looking to schedule your PhotoShoot in Boston? Call us, we'll talk about it.


At The Beach

  1. sunset at beach senior portrait
  2. senior girl in ocean during beach photography
  3. senior pictures at ocean on coast of Maine
  4. senior portrait at maine coast
  5. senior portrait beach sand maine shore

Our Beach Sessions showcase the beauty of Maine's coastline, and give our clients a great variety of casual but well-lit images.

What are you waiting for? Get your mom's credit card for the deposit and call us today! (207) 772 -4274

In The Park

  1. senior pictures at the park

    Color harmonies like these are possible at the park in summer when there are flowers in bloom

  2. senior pictures outside maine
  3. senior portrait outside maine lying in grass
  4. senior photography park outside maine
  5. senior photographers at focus go outside to the park for great senior pictures
  6. senior portraits park grass flowers fall

"Will gave me clear direction to make sure I looked great in my images. I would have never known what to do otherwise! Focus rules" - Kathy O'Donell

Scheduling - How It Works

senior girl posed on floor

1) Call Us


Grab your calendar (or give it to your mom and have her call us) and a credit card and let's get you on our schedule!

When you call, we'll be scheduling your PhotoShoot times, as well as a shopping appointment for you. We want to make choosing images and getting your stuff easy for you, so all our clients get private shopping appointments when we'll project your images larger-than-life to make it simple for you to know which images are best.

A note to moms: You don't have to be present at your senior's session if scheduling is tough, but many parents enjoy watching the shoot.

A note to seniors: Don't worry if your mom is coming - you'll have fun anyways and she can carry your stuff for you!

senior photography top model

2) Get Ready

We'll Help!

Worried about what to bring or wear for your session?

We've got a guide to Looking Great in your Senior Pictures that we'll send you which will explain everything.

For more than a decade Focus Photography has helped Maine Seniors feel great about themselves in their images, and we'll share our experience with you, both in print and on the day of your PhotoShoot!

makeup artist

3) Pick Your Favs

We've got a system that makes it easy!

With nothing but killer images to choose from, you'd think it would be hard for your family to decide on favorites, but we've done this before.

Remember that shopping appointment you scheduled? You'll work with Lucia, your personal image advisor, who has helped thousands of families select the right images for the student, the perfect smiles to send grandma, and the best portraits to hang in the house.

And if you'd like, Lucia can even show you what prints and frames would look like hanging on your own home's walls. Ask about this before your shopping appointment!