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cool senior pictures in Maine - westbrook high school student

Senior pictures at focus photography's studio

I wore a pink-purple sweater with lighter jeans and a formal black dress with white and red silk that I actually wore 4 years ago for my Bat Mitzvah! They came out absolutely incredible!! .


senior pictures maine - sarah foster

senior photos in downtown portland maine




Sarah’s mother Maxine describes her as an old soul. After photographing her, I was astonished by her presence – the way she could just stare into the camera and hold the viewer’s attention.

But even with her classic beauty and ‘old soul’, her answers to our interview questions are refreshingly normal. I’m thrilled to introduce you to Sarah Foster.

senior pictures downtown portland city style

senior headshot in studio

Tell me a little about yourself.  I’m a senior at Westbrook High, and I’m involved in marching band, jazz band, theater, and tennis at my school, and the Portland Youth Wind Ensemble and Orchestra outside of school. I am also in the National Honors Society at my school, which is so much fun! Music is pretty much my life, though.

Why are you excited for your senior year? I think the best thing about being a senior this year is that I’ve already got 3 years of high school under my belt.

When I first started high school, I was shy, had a limited circle of friends, and was never interested in trying anything new. Now, in a really important transition in life, I’m more outgoing, love making friends, and am really interested in trying a little bit of everything.

It’s just made this upcoming year that much more exciting, and I just can’t wait for it to really kick in!

What’s after Westbrook? I’ve been looking at some really great colleges that have a little bit of everything because I’m interested in doing a little bit of everything, from music, to ecology, to theater, to nutrition, and plenty of other things.

Do you have a favorite band? Well, I have one absolute favorite band, Streetlight Manifesto, which I would recommend to EVERYBODY, but I also love Coldplay and Jason Mraz.

senior portrait great eyes

Where do you like to shop?
I think my favorite store was Borders until they decided to close down. I’m a huge bookworm.

What’s your idea of fun? I think snowboarding and music are the coolest things ever!


I have one absolute favorite band, Streetlight Manifesto, which I would recommend to EVERYBODY, but I also love Coldplay and Jason Mraz.



high school senior photography in maine

Working with Will (at Focus)was incredible! Not only was he a lot of fun, but he really knew what he was doing. You can tell that he always wants to take pictures that compliment a person’s individuality and the poses and styles he comes up with are creative and unique. It was really a blast working with Will, and I’m SO glad I got the opportunity!




yearbook photos senior in the street
senior girl - cool senior pictures




Everything about the images was spectacular…

I was shocked at the results because they were absolutely incredible and way beyond my expectations

My photo shoot was done in the studio and downtown Portland. I absolutely loved the effects of the setting downtown because I never thought I would have so much fun and look so great lying on the streets of Portland.

So you enjoyed being photographed?  I LOVED the session!! Will was so much fun, and there was no part of it that was uncomfortable, even though I’d never done a photo shoot before. Like I said, I never had so much fun lying on the streets of Portland, not that I do that often, anyway.

How do you like your images?  Everything about the images was spectacular. Even though I had taken pictures in different outfits, I was afraid a lot of the pictures would be similar. That’s why I was so surprised when I’d finally gotten to see them.

I had a different expression, pose, outfit, or setting in almost every picture, and every factor contributed to the overall story and impression of the picture.

I was shocked at the results because they were absolutely incredible and way beyond my expectations!




Now the most important question: How do you like the way you looked in your images?  I LOVE THE WAY I LOOK IN MY PICTURES! I really saw for the first time how much a certain color or angle of the shoulder could make such a huge difference in the way a person looked or the impression they gave off. We had a very difficult time choosing pictures.

Do you have a favorite image?
Both my mom’s and my favorite picture was the head shot of me in my purple sweater.

senior pictures in maine

senior yearbook headshot

senior pictures at photo studio - Focus Photography maine

Would you recommend us?  To upcoming seniors, I just have to say that you should try to do the most with Focus as you can! Go to the beach and the studio and just have a blast with it!

Both Will and Lucia are AMAZING people and I’m really glad I met them! Don’t be nervous, I can guarantee that you’ll be surprised at the amount of fun you can have and the amazing results you’ll get!

I would definitely recommend Focus to anybody!!

senior portrait in studio


I LOVE THE WAY I LOOK IN MY PICTURES!… I would definitely recommend Focus to anybody!!


it was great getting to know Sarah. She did a combo session with both a studio and a downtown segment (roughly an hour for each). Sarah – anything else? THANK YOU GUYS SO SO SO SO MUCH!! I was worried I wouldn’t get good pictures taken anywhere, but this shoot exceeded my expectations SOO much!


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