Tell me a little about yourself. My name is Abby Bonnevie, and I’m a senior at Greely High School.
I’ve played piano since second grade, I sprint and pole vault in indoor and outdoor track, and I love doing anything that involves art.

I didn’t know about the piano, but you told me a little about pole vaulting during our session, and it sounds like a lot of fun. What kind of art do you like? I really like to sketch, paint, and do photography (don’t worry, I’m no major competition).

So now that you’re back in school, what’s going to be the best thing about being a senior? I’m really excited about ruling the school – yeah, class of 2012! – and I can’t wait for senior privileges to start second quarter.

What are those? Seniors at Greely are granted senior priviledges starting in second quarter if they have at least ten hours of community service. The priviledges let us seniors leave the school and go elsewhere (Starbucks!) during study halls, lunch, and homeroom.

What do you think you’ll do after Greely? I’ve been looking at colleges. My family also went down to Boston this past summer to get my aptitudes tested, since I previously had no clue what to major in. I think I’m going to go into Interior or Industrial Design or Architecture.

And you mentioned architecture – do you have a favorite building? One of my favorite architectural landmarks is the town of Santorini, Greece. The white buildings with the blue domes by the sea are so beautiful!

Got a favorite store? Mexicali Blues has a lot of neat stuff. Every time I go in there, I just want to buy everything!


Abby at the park

senior laying in the grass at the park in maine

So you’ve made it to your senior year. Tell me something you’ve done that you’ll never forget. One of the hardest and coolest things I’ve ever done was to hike up Sugarloaf Mountain during the summer.

Who did you do that with? My family – my mom, dad, and brother, Sam.…. We kind of lost the hiking trail, so we ended up climbing up one of the black diamond ski trails. But, the view from the top was breath taking!

What are you listening to for music lately? I recently fell in love with Bruno Mars, but Lady Gaga and Rihanna are usually pretty reliable, too.



Senior photo at park


senior photos outdoors at the park in maine



Let’s talk about your photoshoot – you did a park session, right? That’s right. The variety of backdrops at the park made each of my images unique; there was a pond, and there were tons of flowers and trees to pose by, not to mention a pretty little stream. Color is important to me, and the park had plenty of it!

I’m happy you liked it. How did you select Focus Photography to capture your senior portraits? Before I came to Focus, I was looking in depth at another photographer, when I took a look at the Focus website. I was really impressed by the combination of creativity and professional quality of your images. At first, I thought the prices were out of reach, but then I realized that the prices for the other photographer were about the same, if not higher, and plus, Focus’s images were better. I’m so glad I chose Focus!

Abby at the park



Senior girl on a park bench


We’re glad too! So, how did you like your images? I am so pleased with how my pictures came out. I think you really captured me at my best. My mom almost cried when she saw a few – that’s a good sign!

The anticipation was definitely worth it. In many of the images, you were able to capture my serious side, something that does not often show itself. I also liked how some of the pictures weren’t exactly portraits, but more like pieces of art that happened to have me in them.

Do you have a favorite?There were so many awesome photos, so it was really hard to choose a favorite. The one my mom and I finally decided on is in sepia, and it is a close up. I don’t actually remember you taking it – I think I had just finished blinking, because my eyes are just slightly closed and I’m looking down at the camera. I love it because I have never seen myself look so glamorous!


Abby standing in front of the rose garden

close up senior photo at the park


abby at the park for her senior pictures


High school senior girl posing in stream at park

The most memorable moment of the shoot was when Will made me stand in the stream with my dress on. Right as he was about to take a picture, a bunch of ducks swam right into the middle of the scene! They were so cute!.

I had a lot of fun photographing Abbie – thanks for reading the story and checking out the images –Will

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