I don’t know if you’ve noticed from my previous posts, but I really love my job.  I feel incredibly lucky that I get to help create artistic images for people on a daily basis, and I’m always trying to find something new to offer my clients.  On Sunday, four girls met me at a waterfall here in Portland, to have a trash the dress shoot – prom gown style.  We didn’t have a ton of water coming down the rocks, but all four of our volunteers made up for it in willingness to lay in puddles and get dirty while wearing a formal dress.  Yeah, I really like my job. 

Okay, here’s Carrie:

trash the dress - prom style.  cool senior pictures

trash the dress - focus photography

what to wear to senior pictures

cross processed trash the dress shot

prom dress at waterfall

carrie sits in prom dress in pool - focus photography seniors

Laura’s next.  Love this dress, by the way.  Almost sad to see it get dirty…

laura in cocktail dress - focus photography

senior in waterfall - trash the dress

laura in water - trash the dress

cool senior pictures

edge of the waterfall - trash the dress

cross processed senior picture

trash the dress

Laura in pool - focus photography's trash the dress

Brittney (in yellow), and her best friend Elizabeth (purple), were last.

Brittney and Elizabeth before trashing their dress

Elizabeth in waterfall - trash the dress

trash the dress

water stained dress

trash the dress - brittney and mud

trash the dress - waterfall

cool senior pictures

trash the dress

Brittney climbs a wall

Elizabeth in a pool - trash the dress

prom dress in waterfall

prom dress in stream by bridge

on the rocks - brittney's really long!

trash the dress - laying in water

trash the dress - brittney stands tall

So, I’m astonished at these images, and I was there.  You’re probably wondering why.  Why the shoot, why would they ruin perfectly good dresses, and why so many pictures.  Art, they’ll never wear them again, and I can’t take my eyes off these images are all I can say. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and I’m really grateful to Carrie, Laura, Brittney, and Elizabeth for agreeing to do this.  You’re all amazing women, and I had a blast.  Will

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