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mother holds baby in newborn photography photo shoot at studio in maine

“Will and Lucia are absolutely amazing to work with! The entire newborn photoshoot session went so smooth and easy. We loved how patient they are and how much pride they take in their work. It was nice to feel relaxed and not rushed throughout the process. We highly recommend Focus photography.”

Ashley Green

Emilee’s mom

family with new baby

Hi guys, it’s Will – I photograph all the babies here at Focus Photography. I just wanted to thank you for looking at this gallery, and mention that while I photograph everything from newborns to weddings, I don’t think any portrait is more important than baby’s first photo shoot.  

They say that as kids grow and develop, seeing pictures of themselves and as part of a family group helps build self-esteem, self-worth, and identity.

And, baby pictures are so darn cute, and so much fun to share with friends and family. If we can create some for you, here’s how you can get in touch: