"I just can't stop looking at Sophie's baby album! Okay, she is the most amazing baby in the world, but these pictures are mesmerizing!" - Amanda Stern

"Lucia!! My mom picked up the birth announcements and sent me a picture of them to hold me over til she gets home. They are drop dead gorgeous! Seriously? I cant even compose myself.

Thank you again and again!! Tell Will he’s amazing, not that he needs any more encouragement lol. " - Malorie Rooney

"I'm so grateful that we joined Focus Photography's baby plan when we did. We would never have had such a beautiful record of Lauren's pregnancy and Abigails' first year!" - Stephen, Lauren, and Abigail Rhoades

"Lucia - we just hung up Bryce's newborn portraits, and you were absolutely right about the frame and mat colors. Everything matches our living room perfectly, and the image is awesome." - Erin Monteray