Maternity Photos

maternity picture of expecting couple

Our belly sessions can be done clothed, with fabrics, or showing more skin, and can be alone or with your partner.

Low Key

  1. pregnancy-photo-with-reflection
  2. maternity picture with fabric draping
  3. expeccting couple embrace during maternity photography
  4. pregnancy photo silhouette
  5. maternity picture with fabric draping
  6. expecting father and belly bump

The belly portraits we shoot in our black box show the play of light and shadow better, and have a more artistic feeling.

"I wanted to celebrate and commemorate being pregnant with Grady, and my belly session at Focus Photography let me do just that!" - Tammie Kelby

" Will & the Focus team - Thank You for such a wonderful maternity photo session! From the moment I walked in the door, I felt comfortable in the relaxed atmosphere with welcoming faces of people excited to take part in this wonderful and beautiful photography session!"

" I really enjoyed working with you, and would recommend you and Focus Photography to anyone who wants a comfortable, beautiful and amazing moment captured forever!! You captured all the pictures I had in mind and incorporated the sentimental things that meant a lot to me into the pictures and I really loved that! "

"You kept the pictures classy and very elegant. I can't thank you enough. " - Deana Heath

"As excited as I was to come in for my maternity pictures session, I have to tell you I was nervous. I've never liked being photographed, and I put on a lot of weight with Alyssa."

"But when I came in to Focus Photography, that all faded away. Will has a tremendous amount of empathy, and he talked to me about what I wanted, what I secretly hoped we could do (God bless digital art!), and what I would and wouldn't be comfortable with."

"All I can say is WOW. I enjoyed being photographed, even whilecarrying thirty extra pounds. Everything I worried about, my thighs, my tatoo, a scar I didn't want in the pictures - Will worked with all my pregnant baggage and came up with amazing images."

"I love the album Lucia put together for me. I may not show everyone the story of my pregnancy, but I'll have it for Alyssa and me forever." - Phoebe Morgan

High Key

  1. expecting mother holds liilly
  2. pregnant couple in black shirts
  3. pregnant woman with arms crossed
  4. ribbon around pregnant belly
  5. reflection of newborn baby and pregnancy image
  6. pregnant belly photo

Our high key images are created on a set surrounded by light, creating an ethereal and heavenly feeling - the perfect mood for celebrating the baby you've been blessed with.

A few of the reasons you should come to Focus Photography

We're lighting experts: Our maternity images feature strong directional lighting to flatter your shape, and shading to add contour. It's a dramatic style made popular by Hollywood in the 1940s, but the difficulty of the technique and the equipment requirements leave very few studios able to recreate it.

Look at the women in our maternity photos, and you'll see a smooth, radiant complexion to their skin.  Our exclusive SoftFocus™  System combines the gentlest lenses with the most flattering processing to ensure you'll look terrific.

We have an in-studio digital artist: Every image that leaves our studio is expertly rendered and retouched to perfection. Whether you're concerned about stretch-marks, weight gain, or you just want to look well-rested, we'll make sure you look great.

We're thrilled that our lead photographer William von Wenzel has beenselected by his peers to their Photography Court of Honor, and that he's received Kodak's prestigious Gallery Award three times!

Why our clients come:

'I want to show my baby how excited we are for their arrival!'  This is a wonderful reason for coming in for a maternity photography session, and one we hear from families where even the kids come in for the belly session. We can photography you; you with your husband; and then with your kids at the same session.

'I love being pregnant, and I want to cherish it.' We're honored whenever we work with women who feel this way, because we know how important the images we create will be to them. This is often a motivating factor for women who choose to show a little more skin during their baby bump session, as those are the images that best showcase their pregnant belly.

'This is probably the last time I'm going to do this, and I want to capture everything.'  One of the reasons we offer a money back guarantee at Focus Photography is that we recognized the importance of what we do for you, and that life doesn't always give us another try. 

If your pregnancy is as important to you as it is to our past clients, we invite you to contact our studio for a free consultation, where you can explore all the options available to you for maternity photography.

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Warm Toned

  1. maternity photo of couple
  2. pregnancy picture sepia tone
  3. belly picture with fabric draping
  4. expecting mother with children
  5. pregnancy picture at 38 weeks
  6. maternity picture with fabric

The earthy brown-toned images will warm your home with their copper and golden hues.

"Will,Lucia, and Alison made my maternity session so easy, and I love the images. I'm so glad I'll see you all year for the Baby Plan!" - Carla Bush

"John and I took hundreds of pictures of my developing belly throughout my pregnancy, but there isn't one I'd want to show our baby Emily some day. They were just throw-away selfies."

"But every image from our maternity photo shoot at Focus Photography shows how excited we were for her, how much we loved her, and how grateful we are for this miracle. That's what we want Emily to know, and when she's old enough to read the Love-Notes book Focus made us, I think she'll treasure those feelings and images too." - Elaine Markham

"Focus Photography made me feel totally comfortable about wanting pictures of my pregnant belly, and created beautiful images I'm grateful for. "

" Before I came to Focus, people like my mother kept asking why I'd ever want to do it - now they all tell me how lucky I am to have these images. God gave me this little boy, and I loved being pregnant. " - Sarah Bowers

"Thank you so much Focus Photography for capturing the beautiful side of my pregnancy!"

"I've been photographed before, at my wedding, forengagement pictures, and when I was a high school senior. Not once in all those times did I feel as confident and feminine as I felt during my maternity session. I felt awkward those other times because I didn't know what to do (and got no help from the photographers), but Will told me exactly what I needed to do - I wish I'd found Focus Photography earlier." - Anna Marcus

"There's only a handful of photographers on the East Coast doing the kind of artistic black and white photography that you do at Focus Photography. We're thrilled with our belly portraits, and even though it was a long drive to you, it was totally worth it!"

" Mel and I never thought we'd come to Maine for anything, let alone a maternity photo shoot studio! It's an easy train ride into New York, and we assumed we'd be going somewhere there. But while there are thousands of photographers listed, there weren't many that offered what we wanted. They all wanted to come to our place, and photograph us there. We don't have a studio in our house! We wanted something unique - not what we live in every day!"

"After weeks of looking at photography sites, Melanie announced she had found five studios that did artistic maternity portraits. Only one place was in New England, and Southern Maine at that. People can't believe we drove five hours to come to Portland, ME, but I tell them at least I didn't have to buy a plane ticket!"

"Kidding aside, our maternity photos session with you was just what we were looking for. Melanie was nervous about her weight, and Will helped her confident. I was feeling out of place, and you made me right at home, and an important part (I think) of the shoot. And Melanie is so happy with the portraits in Cole's room, that if we don't have another child, we can remember this time beautifully. " - Kimber and Melanie Keller

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  1. fabric stretched over pregnant belly
  2. fabric draped over expecting mother
  3. sheer fabric on belly bump
  4. lycra stretched around pregnant belly
  5. sheer fabric worn in pregnancy picture
  6. bando top and bottoms from fabric

We've assembled a collection of diverse fabrics to drape you with so you won't have to worry about shopping for your session.

maternity picture with fabric ribbon

The white fabric that stretches from the left to right side (and covers Dianna in this image) is a great contrast to the black set this is shot on.

What are you waiting for?

Come in for a free consultation. Whenever possible, we recommend coming in to meet with our maternity photographers, Will and Lucia, before you're too far along. You can tell us what matters most to you, see examples of prints and albums, and we'll even show you some baby pictures to get you thinking!

We've got everything you need - there's no shopping required (unless that's fun for you, in which case, sure - go shopping). All of the fabrics on the women are ours, and all of the images on our site were shot in our studio in Portland, Maine. We just need to decide when to start!

A quick plug for our Baby's First Year plan.

What if you could get an entire year of professional photography for your new baby, and a beautiful wall-panel with an image from each stage in your baby's development, all for one low price?

Ask us about our Baby's First Year plan when you call us about your belly session!


Call us at (207) 772-4274 right now!

Baby Bumps

  1. 1 year old and birthday cake
  2. ribbon tied onto 9 month pregnant belly
  3. heart hands on belly
  4. baby shoes walking down belly bump
  5. sepia toned maternity portrait
  6. baby's name spellled in blocks on belly bump

Whether with ribbons, blocks, shower presents, or just with lighting, we'll highlight your baby before their born, so you can always cherish your transformation in this miraculous creation.