Jessica and Jake

Romantic Shoot at Laudholm Farm

Jessica and Jake

engagement pictures in the woods of a nature preserve at Laudholm farm in wells, maine

“Our photo shoot was great. We were a little bit uncomfortable at the start but Lucia and Will put us at ease with the process and it was very relaxed. We went to Laudholm Farm in Wells, ME.”

“We thought that the pictures came out lovely. There was a variety of different shots and the colors were very vibrant.”

“Our wedding is July 24th, 2022 at The Village by the Sea. We are getting really excited for the wedding which is fast approaching and we are excited to work with Lucia and Will during our Wedding and look forward to seeing all the photos that they capture during the event.”

Jessica Brady

Hi guys, it’s Will and Lucia, the photographers here at Focus Photography, not the couple in the picture.

We’ve been shooting weddings together for over a dozen years, and married to each other for even longer. We love images of us together where we’re laughing, connected, and really involved with each other, and those are the kinds of images we capture for our clients.

If you’d like images that will strengthen your own relationship, we’d love to chat with you.  Here’s how you can get in touch:

romantic couple's photos for engagement photoshoot at laudholm farm in wells, maine
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