Sean and Samantha

Camden Amphitheater, Harbor, and Camden Hills State Park

Sean and Samantha

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“We aren’t typically photo people or models in any way so we did need some direction. Will quickly realized that we did well when he was very specific or gave us tasks to do, like playing thumb wars. By getting the two of us to goof off the pictures showed the true us. Both Will and Lucia made the night memorable and were above and beyond.”

“There were so many favorite images that it was hard to chose. From the more candid photos, to the classic couple romance shots or serious poses. All the photos shout us! And nothing looked forced! The photos were truly stunning.”

Samantha Newton

Hi guys, it’s Will and Lucia, the photographers here at Focus Photography, not the couple in the picture.

We’ve been shooting weddings together for over a dozen years, and married to each other for even longer. We love images of us together where we’re laughing, connected, and really involved with each other, and those are the kinds of images we capture for our clients.

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If you’d like images that will strengthen your own relationship, we’d love to chat with you.  Here’s how you can get in touch:

engaged couple sam and sean in front of camden harbor and marina
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