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There are the 3 questions we get asked from people who aren’t excited about engagement pictures:

I’m getting married in ‘xx’ months.  Do I really need to do an engagement photoshoot?

We don’t love having our pictures created, and the engagement shoot sounds like extra pictures we won’t want to do.  Why should we hire and engagement photographer?

Couldn’t we just ask a friend to take a picture of us instead?  What will be different about working with Focus Photography for our engagement photos?

We don’t require our wedding clients to do an engagement shoot with us (though it’s included in most packages), though we do highly encourage it.  It makes the wedding day photography go smoother; it lets us know what types of images you’ll love (so we won’t waste time creating images you won’t like); and it allows us to get to know each other a little before the wedding day.

For couples that haven’t yet retained a wedding photographer, there’s an even stronger incentive to do your engagement pictures with Focus Photography – You’ll get to ‘test drive’ a couple of amazing wedding photographers!

Top Reasons To Book An Engagement Photoshoot with Focus Photography

Here are our goals for all our engagement photoshoots:

We want to create dozens of great images with you.  At your engagement photoshoot we’ll create:

      • Scenic images where you’ll be a little piece of a bigger work of art.
      • Closer images that show just your heads and torsos, and are not full-length.
      • Traditional formal images where you’ll be facing the camera.
      • Contemporary images where you’ll be lost in each others’ gaze, and completely unaware of the camera.
      • Super-tight images that show only the connection between you, in your arms or hands, and don’t show your faces at all.
      •  Images in action, where you’re photographed doing something together.
      • Choreographed images, where we give you some direction, and then photograph you from a distance.

We want to show you all the ways you could be photographed on your wedding day, so you can evaluate different styles beforehand.

It’s one thing to look at other people’s wedding images and like or dislike some styles.  But it’s completely different to see yourself in images.  We all have things about ourselves we’re less-than-thrilled with: chins, ears, foreheads, etc, and those things will change how you feel about your pictures.  That’s why we show you all the different styles beforehand, so you can evaluate pictures with you in them!

 We want to audition for the job of being your wedding photographer.

After taking us for a test-drive as your photographers, we’re sure you’re going to want us at your wedding day!  If we’re available to shoot it, we’ll credit 100% of your engagement photoshoot payment towards your wedding balance.  How can you lose?


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