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Engagement pictures in Acadia National Park at Bar Harbor
Engagement pictures in Acadia National Park at Bar Harbor

There’s a lot of beauty in the Midcoast of Maine, but only one spot in the state was preserved as a National Park.  Mt. Desert Island and Acadia National Park is one of our best known treasures.

Before the growth of Bar Harbor in the 1900s, Amercian painters used to escape the cities and trek up to MDI to paint the wilderness as they found it.  The beauty of these paintings created a national sensation, and people who had the means summered in Maine for the rustic lifestyle the artists presented.

There’s even a name for it – Rusticators!  It’s a real thing.  Franklin Roosevelt (who used to boat in the midcoast) called himself a rusticator, and now that word is stuck in your head forever!  Your welcome.

Back to Acadia.  It’s a long way up the coast, there’s an entrance fee, and parking is scarce.  And it’s filled with the most beautiful wilderness on the Eastern Coast.

So if you’re a rusticator (you knew I’d get that word back in there), and you’re feeling plenty adventurous, why don’t we schedule your engagement pictures photoshoot on Mt. Desert Island at Acadia!

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