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Engagment Pictures at Camden Harbor
Engagment Pictures at Camden Harbor

Camden is known as the Jewel of the Midcoast.  I like their lesser-known motto better: where the mountains meet the sea.  Because while I think the town is charming (my mom and my sister both live in Camden), it’s the view atop Mt. Battie, and the view of the harbor that keep me coming up to Camden to photograph couples here.

Let’s talk about shooting around the harbor first.  Adjacent to the library is the Camden Amphitheater, which is fascinating to everyone whose town doesn’t have an amphitheater:)  It has several tiers of ‘seating’, and so makes for visually interesting images with all the different heights.

Along the harbor is the waterfall, and from on top of the park the view of the working tall ships and docks is spectacular.  Of course, to really see the harbor, you’ve got to get even higher, and that’s where Mt. Battie comes in.

Just a short drive from downtown is the fabulous hiking of Camden Hills State Park, but on an engagement shoot we’re typically racing sunset, so we’ll drive to the top of the 900′ hill.  And from the top you can see all of Penobscot Bay, and its more than 200 islands.

After your engagement photoshoot, Lucia and I will have dinner with my mom, so not only will you get incredible engagement pictures, but you can feel like you’re helping to bring Maine families together!

If you love the midcoast, sailing, and Penobscot Bay’s islands, let’s go to Camden for your engagement photoshoot!

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