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Engagement Pictures at Fort McClary in Kittery Point, Maine
Engagement Pictures at Fort McClary in Kittery Point, Maine

Considering the number of ruined coastal military forts Maine has, you’d have to assume that once upon a time the Canadians were planning to annex Maine by attacking from the sea.

(They weren’t.  That’s humor).

But there are over 20 colonial era forts still standing in Maine, and a lot of them guard waterways.  Fort McClary was built to protect Portsmouth Harbor, and as a result it has the best view of the harbor anywhere.

Our style of photography captures picturesque views really well, and so our couples often want to work somewhere scenic.  The most popular spot we work at is Fort Williams, and our second most popular destination is Fort McClary.

We’ll tour the ruins of the military installations; climb the fortified berms that shielded canons; and photograph along the marina of Kittery Point.

If you like history, the US military, Portsmouth, and just fabulous water views, consider having your engagement pictures photoshoot at Kittery’s Fort McClary.