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Engagement Pictures at Old Orchard Beach in Maine
Engagement Pictures at Old Orchard Beach in Maine

The pier at Old Orchard Beach seems impossible to me still.  Maybe in New Jersey, or Southern California, a nearly 2,000 foot pier with shops and bars crammed onto it would make sense.  But  I just love that OOB and it’s commercial pier are here in Maine.

Did you know there used to be a casino and a ballroom on the end?  I”m a wedding photographer – you can’t imagine how excited I would be to work a wedding on the end of a pier!  Sadly, it was lost to a storm:(

Here’s what OOB has now:  8 miles of gently-sloping beach (I’ll tell you why that’s important in a minute) and a town that itself is an amusement park.  Wild.

Let’s talk about beach photography.  Dry sand is fun to put your feet in, to write your initials in, and crucial for good nap taking.  But, it’s a little boring in photographs.  Wet sand, on the other hand, is like a mirror, and it reflects light and color, which is fabulous!

That’s why gently sloping beaches (like OOB) are important.  The tide brings water up a long stretch of sand, then pulls back again, and leaves the beautiful shiny sand you see in the image on the left.

If Old Orchard Beach is your favorite Maine getaway, let’s plan your engagement pictures photoshoot there!

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