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What To Bring

Our clothing recommendations for maternity photography sessions are easy.  Everything on the list below is optional, as any combination will work with what we do. Tops Long-sleeved black shirt, jersey,…


When To Schedule

When should I schedule my maternity pictures photo shoot? We recommend scheduling your belly pictures between the 34th and 38th weeks, as that will give you a pronounced bump without…


You’ll Look Terrific

"As excited as I was to come in for my maternity session, I have to tell you I was nervous. I've never liked being photographed, and I put on a lot…


Studio Lighting and Belly Pictures

Our maternity images feature strong directional lighting to flatter your shape, and shading to add contour. It's a dramatic style made popular by Hollywood in the 1940s, but the difficulty of the technique and the equipment requirements leave very few photographers able to recreate it.

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Why Maternity Pictures Matter

We ask our clients when they schedule their pregnancy photo shoot what they're hoping to get from the session, and why they're having belly pictures created in the first place.…