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A Rose By Any Name

maternity picture of pregnant woman on white photography set laying down in Maine photographers studio
A modern and daring maternity shot.


This is a more contemporary (and daring) maternity picture, shot on a high key set, and with the subject superimposed on the background.  Few pregnant women have as little body fat as Lindsey did, and she was definitely more courageous during her shoot than many of our clients, but though this image shows a lot of skin and beauty (and a rose tattoo), nothing is revealed that’s not seen at a beach in a swimsuit.  For us, the most compelling part of this image is the confident and serene expression on Lindsey’s face.

Fabric Drape

pregnant belly photos with fabric during maternity photo shoot in photography studio in maine

Here is another maternity image where we’ve used studio fabrics to allow our clients to highlight their pregnancies without elaborate or expensive maternity clothing.  (We have maternity gowns you can wear, but often our clients prefer the more natural feel of the fabric draping).


stretch fabric outlining shape of pregnant belly in maternity photo taken in maine photography studio

Like a porcelain bust of your pregnant belly, this white fabric is stretched across the belly and chest to capture your shape, while the lighting contours the body.

Here’s a wardrobe note: white boy shorts without texture can be worn under this fabric, and a strapless bra will give you a little support.

Couples’ Maternity Portrait

hands and arms on pregnant belly in maternity shoot in maine photographer's studio


So often couples want to show that their love and support in a maternity picture, and we always shoot those in black and white.  Here the placement of the couples’ hands on her pregnant belly shows the different sizes of their hands, and also provides a great opportunity to repeat this symbolism at the baby’s newborn photo shoot!

Black and White Belly

black and white image of nude pregnant woman at maternity photo studio


This black and white maternity picture has a simple pose that is only effective because of the directional lighting we use for our pregnancy photos at Focus Photography.  Look at how the edge of the belly is in highlight, while the side is shadowed.  This is both visually interesting, and practical, as the shadows conceal heavier areas that you might rather not show.

Sensual and Sheer

sensual photo of pregnant woman wrapped in sheer fabric at maternity photo shoot


While many of the fabrics we use are opaque, translucent and sheer fabric has a soft and sensual look to it, as this maternity image demonstrates.

My mother, who grew up in the fifties when they would whisper the word pregnant (or use the code ‘in a motherly way’ so they didn’t have to say it) couldn’t understand why we photograph pregnant women, and why anyone would choose to be photographed ‘when they were heavier than usual’.  We told her that images define how we remember periods of our life, and that our clients would much rather remember themselves and their pregnancies as beautiful and a magical metamorphosis, and not as a period of weight-gain that they would rather forget.

Times have changed, after all.

If you’d like to remember your metamorphosis as beautiful and sensual, we’d love to tell you more about our maternity photo shoots at Focus Photography.