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Hands as Hearts

parents' hands on pregnant belly in maternity picture  taken in maine photography studio during pregnancy photo shoot


This is a really fun maternity image for baby’s nursery!

Tatiana had a manicure just before our maternity photo shoot so that her nails would be perfect, and this was just the image for them!  We always recommend a little pampering before your session, and hair, makeup, manicures, and even pedicures are a great way to feel extra beautiful in your images.


Sensual image of pregnant woman in black and white maternity photo taken in maine photography studio
Black and White Maternity Picture


Here’s another maternity image that shows the beauty and the metamorphosis of pregnancy.

In different images I’ve mentioned the first and second reasons most often given for the question “Why do you want to have maternity portraits created?”  The third reason we most often hear is “I want to capture all of the changes I’m going through because I may never do this again.”

If you want to document the miraculous changes of pregnancy, we’d love to tell you more about our belly sessions at Focus Photography.

Baby Blocks

Baby's name in blocks on belly bump taken in maine photography studio


In this maternity image, the baby’s chosen name is written out in blocks on the mother’s belly.

We have the blocks – you just need to know the name.

This is easier if you’re pregnant with Ann than Aristotle 🙂


Sensual maternity photo in black and white taken in maine photography studioThe beauty of pregnancy is all that is shown in this sensual and artistic black and white image.

This is shot in our studio on an all black set, with a small stool behind the client to help her keep her legs raised.  Even so, its still an incredibly tough pose for anyone, as it uses a lot of core muscles to keep your legs raised!

Low Key

pregnancy photo on black background taken in maine photography studioMaternity portraits that show off your shape and transformation are what we specialize in at Focus Photography.

Here Ashley is laying down on our low key set, wearing a sports bra and a pair of briefs.

The Shape of Things To Come

Maternity photo with stretch fabric taken in maine photography studio

Fabric images can be either soft and dreamy, or in this case, sharp and linear.

In this maternity portrait the fabric is pulled tightly around Courtney, and it becomes its own shape to showcase her’s.