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The Guns

couples maternity portrait in black and white with muscles on dad taken in maine photography studio

Men don’t typically like being photographed, so when we do get dads willing to come to the maternity photo shoot, we always make sure to emphasize their muscles with dramatic lighting.

A strong light from behind and to the left accents her neck and his core, while a softer light from the far right illuminates the faces and creates the shape we see of the pregnant belly (and the biceps).

On her, solid boy shorts and a halter top.  On him, just jeans, though this would also work with a dark tank top (though not as well).  Easy outfits for a maternity photo shoot.

Derby Hat

Maternity portrait in dress and hat taken in maine photography studio

Though we’re known for our fine art black and white images with fabrics and a little more skin, we still shoot more family-friendly images at maternity photo sessions as well.

Our Son

maternity photo of couple in black and white taken in maine photography studio

This image demonstrates how our black and white maternity portraits can show the connection that exists between a couple better than color images outdoors ever can.

If you want images that show your baby that she or he was born to a couple in love, our B&W belly photos are just what you want.

Under the Stars

Under the stars - a maternity photo reflected in the water's edge by moonlight taken in maine photography studio


We create the ‘Under the Stars’ images on our rooftop at the studio, where we’ve created a shallow pool over the tarred surface to perfectly reflect the night sky.  We can only schedule these sessions during the full moon on clear nights.

Just kidding.

Actually, this is shot inside our camera room, but we black out the walls and floors with a heavy theatrical fabric (Duvetyne, if you’re curious) that traps light from bouncing around, and then add the reflection of the water and ripples in post processing using a technique we developed just for maternity pictures.


low key maternity picture with thin strip of light on pregnant belly taken in maine photography studio


A lot of our maternity images feature the shape of the pregnant belly, without necessarily showing skin, fabric, or maternity clothes.  This is a more abstract way of presenting the beauty of pregnancy, and there’s very little prep work required by our clients, who tend to be busy right before they’re due!

In this portrait we use light to outline Lexie’s form.

The lighting on Lexie in this image is created by hanging long, thin lights above and behind her, so that a strip of sharp illumination outlines her body as she lays back on the black settee.

It sounds simple enough, but it’s hard to replicate our images, so if you want maternity pictures like this in Maine, you’ll definitely want to contact us at Focus Photography.

I was thinking about you too!

Older sister rests her head on mommy's pregnant belly taken in maine photography studio

Siblings are also excited to welcome a new baby into the house, and often ask to be a part of a maternity photo shoot.  We recommend someone brings them for the last half-hour of the session, when we can create images with just them and your belly, as well as images of the whole family.

Sibling photos from a pregnancy photo shoot are a great way to show your new baby their strong family bonds, and how much your other children already loved baby!