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Thinking About You

black and white pregnancy picture taken at maternity portrait photo shoot taken in maine photography studio


This black and white image showcases the intimate connection of a mother to her unborn child.

Whenever we ask our maternity clients to tell us why they want to have pregnancy photos created, the number one reason is always ‘I want to show my daughter/son how much I thought about them and loved them before they were even born.’

If you’re interested in creating images that will speak to your children, and not in just ‘doing pictures at the park’, we’d love to tell you more about Focus Photography, and our maternity photo shoots.

Clothing Note: Krista is wearing black boy shorts in this image.  The shadows and angles make her look nude, but she’s not.  We recommend boy shorts in black and in white to every belly client.

Baby Belly Reflection

photo of newborn baby on mother's belly, with pregnant belly from maternity session in reflection taken in portland maine photography studio


This is actually two images blended together. The newborn baby resting on his mother’s belly was taken during the newborn session, and the reflection image of the pregnant belly was taken during our maternity shoot.

Obviously, this is a little different from a standard maternity picture: a little more fun, and a little more subtle, and a great way to celebrate both your baby’s birth and your pregnancy at once.

Black and White Maternity Portrait

Maternity portrait in black and white with father's arms holding mother's pregnant belly taken in maine photography studio

This is one of my favorite images in years. I love the strength in Brady’s arms as he holds Tammie, and also the contrasts between the shadows and the highlights.

Maternity portraits look great in black and white, and the way we shoot them at Focus Photography is unique to our studio, resulting in pregnancy photos that aren’t simply colorless, but actually have more impact than a color picture could.  

True story: Will had a dark room in his house growing up (his father also loved black and white photography), and learned to develop B&W film before learning how to operate a camera.

If you value B&W photography, we have the maternity photo shoot for you!

Intertwined Arms

hands intertwine across pregnant belly in black and white maternity photo taken in maine photography studio

Some of our favorite maternity pictures don’t show any faces. That’s particularly true with this image, where you can see the couple’s close connection, but not their faces.

They know who they are.