sensual photo of pregnant woman wrapped in sheer fabric at maternity photo shoot


While many of the fabrics we use are opaque, translucent and sheer fabric has a soft and sensual look to it, as this maternity image demonstrates.

My mother, who grew up in the fifties when they would whisper the word pregnant (or use the code ‘in a motherly way’ so they didn’t have to say it) couldn’t understand why we photograph pregnant women, and why anyone would choose to be photographed ‘when they were heavier than usual’.  We told her that images define how we remember periods of our life, and that our clients would much rather remember themselves and their pregnancies as beautiful and a magical metamorphosis, and not as a period of weight-gain that they would rather forget.

Times have changed, after all.

If you’d like to remember your metamorphosis as beautiful and sensual, we’d love to tell you more about our maternity photo shoots at Focus Photography.

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