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maternity picture in dress at photography studio

As excited as I was to come in for my maternity session, I have to tell you I was nervous. I’ve never liked being photographed, and I put on a lot of weight with Alyssa.  I had a line on my belly I didn’t like, and some stretch marks I didn’t want shown.

All I can say is WOW. I enjoyed being photographed, semi-naked, and carrying thirty extra pounds. Everything I worried about, my thighs, my tatoo, the pregnancy line, a scar I didn’t want in the pictures – Focus hid or fixed all those things came up with amazing images. – Phoebe Morgan



We Guarantee You’ll Love Your Images

Every woman is her own worst critic, but we’re going to create images you can’t criticize.  In our post about lighting, we talk about lighting what you want to see, and shading what you want hidden, but that’s just one of several techniques we’ll use to guarantee you’ll love your images.

Look at the women in our photos, and you’ll see a smooth, radiant complexion to their skin.  Our exclusive SoftFocus System combines the gentlest lenses with the most flattering processing to ensure you’ll look terrific.  

Here’s why we use SoftFocus:  over the last 20 years, cameras have developed the ability and resolution to capture every flaw, to magnify every blemish, and to amplify every wrinkle on human skin.

At Focus Photography, we’re beauty photographers, not documentarians, and we try to portray women in their best light, and not in harsh or intimidating light.

We believe in the delicate application of digital artistry: Every printed image that leaves our studio is expertly rendered and lightly retouched to perfection. Whether you’re concerned about stretch-marks, weight gain, or you just want to look well-rested, we’ll make sure you look great.



Here’s a Before and After image of retouching done on stretch marks:

example of retouching done on pregnant belly stretch marks
Here’s an example of retouching done on our client’s stretch marks

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