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Can your eye discriminate between directional lighting and flat lighting?

good lighting on pregnant belly at maternity photo shoot
Our Lighting emphasizes highlights and shadows
bad lighting on maternity photo
Flat Lighting makes client look heavy (just my opinion)

Our maternity images feature strong directional lighting to flatter your shape, and shading to add contour. It’s a dramatic style made popular by Hollywood in the 1940s, but the difficulty of the technique and the equipment requirements leave very few photographers able to recreate it.

But not everyone can see the difference, and not everyone values it.

A lot of people will see the top 2 images and think the image on the right is better, as it is more fully illuminated, and you can see all of the details more easily. This is true of both clients and most professional photographers.

If you prefer the even illumination of the flat-lit example on the right, we’re not the photographers for you.

Sorry, it’s not that we don’t value your opinion, it’s just not our style. Pick any other photographer in New England, and they’ll be happy to evenly light your maternity pictures for you.

If you think the shadowy image on the left has more drama, and that you like the shading, then Focus Photography is the only studio for you.

We’ve spent twenty years perfecting our lighting techniques, and our signature Hollywood-style lighting works fabulously in our black-box camera room.

That’s just one of three styles we’ll shoot for your maternity session!

In every maternity photo shoot we include:

    • High-Key – Our high key images are created on a white set surrounded by light, creating an ethereal and heavenly feeling – the perfect mood for celebrating the baby you’ve been blessed with.
    • Sun-Light – Our studio has a separate daylight lit section for shooting warm-toned color images with a shallow depth of field.  These images are perfect for sharing with family.
    • Hollywood-Lighting – Our signature lighting style, photographed in all black camera room.

“Thank you so much Focus Photography for capturing the beautiful side of my pregnancy!”

“I’ve been photographed before, at my wedding, forengagement pictures, and when I was a high school senior. Not once in all those times did I feel as confident and feminine as I felt during my maternity session. I felt awkward those other times because I didn’t know what to do (and got no help from the photographers), but Will told me exactly what I needed to do – I wish I’d found Focus Photography earlier.”– Anna Marcus

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