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maternity picture with blue ribbon on pregnant bellyWe ask our clients when they schedule their pregnancy photo shoot what they’re hoping to get from the session, and why they’re having belly pictures created in the first place.

Here are the top reasons our clients tell us they want Maternity Portraits:

‘I want to show my baby how excited we are for their arrival!’

This is a wonderful reason for coming in for a maternity photography session, and one we hear from families where even the kids come in for the belly session. We can photography you; you with your husband; and then with your kids at the same session.  One of our most popular products, our Love Notes book, gives you photos and then spaces to tell your baby how much they’re loved.

‘I love being pregnant, and I want to cherish it.’

We’re honored whenever we work with women who feel this way, because we know how important the images we create will be to them. This is often a motivating factor for women who choose to show a little more skin during their baby bump session, as those are the images that best showcase their pregnant belly.

‘This is probably the last time I’m going to do this, and I want to capture everything.’

One of the reasons we offer a money back guarantee at Focus Photography is that we recognized the importance of what we do for you, and that life doesn’t always give us another try.

‘I don’t want to regret not having this miracle professionally photographed.’

This is the lowest level of commitment here, but you have to admire people who have the wisdom to live so they don’t say ‘I wish I had’.

‘It’s been a while since I felt pretty, and I want positive feelings when I look back on my pregnancy.’

This is so powerful when people realize they can change how they feel about something with a good experience and beautiful pictures.  We recommend a little time being pampered before coming in if this is your motivation – a facial or makeover goes a long way.

‘I don’t want to remember my baby’s development through selfies in a bathroom mirror.’

There are probably really nice bathroom mirrors in the world, but whenever I see full-body selfies posted in my feed they’re taken in a gym locker room with occupied stalls in the background.  Gross.

If your pregnancy is as important to you as it is to our past clients, we invite you to contact our studio for a free consultation, where you can explore all the options available to you for maternity photography.



“Focus Photography made me feel totally comfortable about wanting pictures of my pregnant belly, and created beautiful images I’m grateful for. ”

” Before I came to Focus, people like my mother kept asking why I’d ever want to do it – now they all tell me how lucky I am to have these images. God gave me this little boy, and I loved being pregnant. ” – Sarah Bowers


Images from our maternity and newborn sessions decorating a nursery
Images from our maternity and newborn sessions decorating a nursery

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