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Senior Portraits

It's time to take that mask off and show the world who you've become!

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Your Timing S___s!

Congratulations rising seniors – you’re entering the last year of high school at the worst time to graduate in 50 years.  Lucky You!

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Masks, gloves, remote-learning and social distancing have transformed common high school experiences.

Everything great about your junior year was modified, missing, or masked, and everything about your senior year and beyond is uncertain.  Will there be in-person classes, plays, sports, dances, football games?  Who knows?

The list of ways the universe has screwed you, Class of ’22, is as long as the Maine coastline.  This coming year is supposed to be the best time of your life.  Will it be?

How’s that for a pep talk?  Feeling good?  Listen, I’m a senior portrait photographer, and there’s nothing I or anyone else can say or do to make this all normal for you.

But… there are some emotions a great senior photo shoot can make you feel (confidence, pride, and hope come to mind), and if we plan it right, you’ll get an awesomely memorable experience this summer.

Let’s face it, after the year you’ve had, you deserve something fun to look forward to!  Let’s plan an epic senior shoot, you can go buy new outfits, get your hair done, and show the world what you look like when you’re not wearing a mask.

Coming to Focus Photography isn’t going to mean you’ll never have a zoom class again, but it will guarantee you’ll have a headshot on your screen and pics on your profiles you’ll love.

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See Yourself In Your Best Light!

For 15 years, Focus Photography has empowered HS Seniors with images that show all their personality, accomplishments, grace, and depth.

Who We Are

Focus Photography

Focus Photography is two photographers, Will and Lucia, who are also married to each other.

Will photographs the senior sessions, and Lucia handles all your scheduling, ordering, and yearbook submissions.

Why Seniors?

(Answered by Will) My mom thinks it’s ironic that she doesn’t have a single senior picture of me, and yet I specialize in photographing high school seniors.

It’s not ironic – it’s cause and effect.

Here’s the truth: I looked like an idiot in my senior pictures, and I threw them out.  I didn’t like how I was photographed, the lack of direction I got, my skin was a wreck, and I was NEVER going to let anyone see those images.

I won’t let that happen to you.  

I guarantee that when you work with me for your senior portraits, I’m going to show you images that will make you feel great about yourself, and that you’ll be proud to post.  If we fail (we won’t), we’ll refund your money, or reshoot your session – up to you.

See The Studio

A 1 Minute Tour of Focus Photography


Simple Session

One Location - Two Outfits
$ 200 & $300 minimum order
  • Studio, Park, or Downtown
  • Choose from 15-20 images
  • In-Person Ordering Appointment
  • 30 minutes

Signature Session

Deluxe Photoshoot at One Or More Locations - Multiple Outfits
$ 250 & $600 minimum order
  • One Or More Locations:
  • Beaches, Parks, Downtown, Studio, or Your Place
  • Choose from 30-40 images
  • 45 - 60 minutes per location

Senior Book Session

Up To 3 Locations Included - Unlimited Outfits
$ 950 Includes Our Most Popular Senior Book
  • Includes 10" Senior Book ($950 sold separately)
  • Book Includes Your Favorite 21 Images
  • No Minimum Order
  • Up To 3 Locations:
  • 60 minutes per location
  • Beaches, Parks, Downtown, Studio, or Your Place

You Deserve This!

Great senior photos do more than represent you in the yearbook.  They can literally change the way you see yourself, and they will definitely change the way the world sees you.

This isn’t the time for good-enough, selfies, or having a parent or friend taken an iphone snap.  This is your time to shine, a time to show the world how you’ve grown, transformed, and blossomed into the person you are.

Senior portraits aren’t just another shot on insta – they’re  around forever.  They’ll be on your college apps, your grandmother’s shelves, and entrenched in your classmates’ minds. 

Senior pictures at waterfront in downtown Portland, MaineYou have an opportunity right now to define yourself, and you definitely deserve to feel great about you.

A positive self image is one of the key determinants of a happy life, and a photo shoot with Focus Photography has helped hundreds of Maine seniors see themselves in their best light.

Show the world your confidence, independence, athleticism, quirkiness, strength, beauty, passions, commitment, personal style, achievements and values. 

Rewrite the way people think of you, and show the world the You you wish they would always see.

Things To Know

You'll Get A Celebrity-Style Photoshoot!

You’ll have the fun of feeling famous, without the tedium of 10 million fans!

Custom Photo Shoot

You won’t be one of a group of students at your session – Your photoshoot will be yours alone, customized to you.

Money Back Guarantee

You’ll love the images from your photo shoot, or we’ll refund your money or reshoot your session – your choice.

Brilliant Lighting

Our lighting style brings out the sparkle in your eyes, and produces studio-quality portraits at any of our locations.

Full-Service Studio

Whatever you’re looking for in senior portraits, our studio probably offers it.  We have a showroom of senior products and pictures for you to choose from.

In Studio, or On Location

Whether you want to be at the beach, park, downtown, your own backyard, in our studio, or you want multiple locations, you can!

Multiple Outfits

Even in downtown Portland, you’ll be able to change into multiple outfits – We bring a changing tent!

Expert Direction

Will won’t let you flounder, unsure of what to do.

He’ll guide you on expressions, posing, and clothing to help you look your best!

Award Winning Images

Our studio has won 3 Kodak Gallery awards and been featured in national exhibits for our senior images!

Full-Time Photographers

We’re professional photographers on the cutting edge of what we do.  We eat, drink, and breathe to create stellar images!

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Our Story

For 20 years, Focus Photography has …

The Studio

We have a private and serene photography studio overlooking the Saccarappa Falls on the Presumscott River in Westbrook.

We have 2000 square feet of shooting space so …..

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