Ashley & Matt
A Winter Wedding at the Westin Portland Harborside

Ashley and Matt’s Winter Wedding at the Westin, Portland Hotel

Maine is gorgeous in the summer. People from all over the country flock here, to enjoy our cool breezes in August, and of course our gorgeous beaches. But for those of us who live here, Maine is beautiful all year long, and we don’t run back to DC when October comes.

In fact, we love Maine all year long. In the winter we ice fish, or cross country ski, or snow shoe. Or in Ashley and Matt’s case, they got married.

Winter is a perfect time to get married in Maine. You don’t need to worry if it rains (or snows), because it’s so cold outside you were probably planning to have your ceremony indoors. And you can reserve any wedding venue you want, because they’re probably not booked in the winter. Which in Ashley and Matt’s case was one of Portland’s finest hotels, the Westin Portland Harborview.

Below are my favorite pictures from their wedding, and three images you should look for.

  • A silhouette of Ashley at the Top of the East lounge on the top floor of the Westin.
  • A first dance picture where the couple stepped in between me and one of my flashes, creating a beautiful sun flare (after sunset, and inside).
  • Great night time shots of the couple outside, including one with the traffic driving past on High Street.

I hope you like the images, and thanks for looking. — Will

Wedding shoes, bride putting on shoes, and bride in front of wedding dress at Westin, portland, me
Ashley’s shoes, and her dress hanging in her room
Maid of honor gets bride into her wedding dress
Ashley’s sister helps her into her dress
Bride in lobby of Westin hotel at Maine wedding
Bride and wedding dress in hotel of Westin portland, maine
Bride in front of Giant mirror in Westin portland maine
Bride and her veil in hotel at westin
Close up of bride smiling inside veil
Silhouette of bride at westing’s top of the east bar in window with sunset
Ashley silhouetted in the windows of the Top of the East lounge at the Westin in Portland, ME
Bride in windows with skyline of portland Maine behind her
You can just barely see the swanky new furniture at the Top of the East, which has been refreshed since I was there last.
Bride adjusts hair in mirror at Westin in maine
Groom in sunglasses walks towards camera outside hotel in portland, me
Matt swaggered into our PhotoShoot with sunglasses on.
Groom in portland downtown with museum behind him.
Wedding details of groom with gem boutonnière
Matt (groom) in ceremony room
Matt in the ceremony room at the start of the afternoon.
Groomsmen walking together in downtown Portland.
Guys in front of Westin Eastland hotel
The groomsmen in front of the Westin – formerly the Eastland Park Hotel
Bridesmaids having fun
Bridesmaids portrait
Fun shot of bridesmaids in Westin portland hotel
Ceremony location with flowers in the aisle, and a hotel television with wedding information on it.
Guys hanging out in the bar while waiting for the ceremony to start
Matt and the guys wait comfortably for the wedding ceremony to start!
Bride walks down aisle with her dad, while groom looks on tearifully
Wedding ceremony at Westin portland Harborside hotel
Bride and groom under veil
Wedding rings on couple’s hands at Westin wedding
Four pictures of the wedding rings
Wedding couple in front of wave painting in Westin hotel in portland Maine.
Main lobby of Westin hotel in portland, maine, with wedding couple under reflective disks.
The lobby of the Westin
Bride and groom enter the ballroom for their wedding reception
First dance
My favorite shot from the first dance
Maid of honor’s speech.
Ashely’s sister Becky, her maid of honor
Best man’s toast
Matt’s brother Steve gave his best man’s speech
Wedding couple looks towards each other with flowers in foreground
Everyone at the wedding on dance floor for one picture
You’ve got to take one picture with everyone in it.
Dance pictures at Westin wedding in portland maine
Dance pictures at Ashley and Matt’s wedding at the Westin in portland, me
Matt strips off his shirt for a special dance for Ashley
Matt strips off his shirt for an unscripted dance for Ashley
Wedding couple in park outside of Westin with city lights in background
Ashley and Matt came outside at the end of the night to take some pictures with the city lights all around them.
Wedding couple kisses in front of the Westin, portland as cars race down the street behind them.
Matt and Ashley at the end of the night in front of the Westin. I asked them to stay still for a few seconds as the cars on High Street sped past, creating the blur of headlights.


Follow this link to see the complete gallery of this wedding and purchase pictures or download images.

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