Album of the Year Award – AGAIN!!!!

Album of the Year Award – AGAIN!!!!

This weekend the Maine Professional Photographers’ Association had our annual convention and competition, and at the awards banquet Monday I was given the Album of the Year award – which we also received last year! As the principal photographer, I won the award for the album “Midcoast Wedding” (a Samoset event), but it really belongs to the whole studio. Lucia and Alison do a phenomenal job designing wedding albums that tell great stories, and when the judges were evaluating our album, they pointed out the clean design and fun graphic elements that highlighted the photography. Lucia and I were also fortunate enough to have two outstanding assistant photographers with us on the wedding day, and Chet and Amanda – You both totally rock!!! Also, I should mention that at Focus Photography, we get to photograph the coolest brides and grooms at every wedding we cover, and Mandy and Ryan – Your wedding was EPIC!

I also was elected to the MPPA’s court of honor for my third time, received my third Kodak Gallery Award, and received an award for the highest scoring print by a Certified Professional Photographer (but there’s only six Certified Professional Photographers in Maine, while there’s hundreds of wedding photographers). I’m happy about those awards too, but to win Album of the Year two years in a row – that’s an honor I’m giddy about!!!

Here’s the link to the 2011 Album of the Year, and the album that won in 2010 is posted here.

Wedding Album of the Year Award

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