A York Golf and Tennis Club Wedding for Bethany and Jed

A York Golf and Tennis Club Wedding for Bethany and Jed

This Saturday, on what had looked to be another rainy June day, the weather performed another miraculous turnaround, and blessed Bethany and Jed with a beautiful and cool ,afternoon.  It probably wouldn’t have mattered – with the strength of their connection, and the fierce love their family and friends have for them, it could have been a monsoon and they would have had a great day.  In fact, I think mother nature saw the gathering of people for this wedding, and felt ashamed she had even threatened thunder storms, let alone tried to rain on this wedding.  There are some collages here, and then a gallery at the bottom of the post (great for Pinterest pinning).

Here are a few of my favorite images of Bethany, taken at the Harbor Crest Inn in York:

Jed didn’t get ready at the inn, but we needed him the for the first glance he and Bethany were doing, and when we took these images Bethany was safely hidden away inside.

When the bride and groom are seeing each other before the ceremony, we ask the groom to turn away, and wait for the bride to tap him on the shoulder:

The bride and groom, alone:


Here are a few of our favorite shots with the wedding party.  We also did many of the family portraits ahead of time, and they came out great, but these blog posts are long enough with just the couple and the wedding party.

As Bethany arrived at the York Tennis and Golf Club, everyone was eager to see her walk down the aisle, and her father performed the ceremony.

And then, there were toasts and dinner, dancing and cake.

It was a great wedding.  Fred Pappalardo DJ’ed a great event, the cake was courtesy of Let Them Eat Cake (Lucia loves this cake!), and Dan from the York Golf and Tennis Club made sure the event ran smoothly.  It was a beautiful wedding, and we were thrilled to be there.

Congratulations Bethany and Jed, and have a great honeymoon.  Everyone else – thanks for looking, and please tell us what you think –  Will

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