Camp Hinds Styled Wedding Shoot

Camp Hinds Styled Wedding Shoot

One of the best things about photographing a styled shoot at a new venue is getting to see all the potential a location has for wedding couples before any bride has even seen it!

This is Camp Hinds in Raymond, one of four Boy Scout camps in Maine. They recently built an expansive and shiny ‘mess-hall’, and for the six weeks of the summer that camp is session, this building will feed a lot of scouts. But for the rest of the year, this 300 acre camp is mostly empty, and starting in 2018, it’s available for weddings!

So, how do you market a brand new wedding venue? The scouts are prepared, but not for this:) They contacted Laurie Andrews Design to run their events, and Laurie, Gayle, and their new camp co-conspirator John Noel dreamed up this photo shoot. Laurie Andrews Design brought in all the furniture you see in these images (not the camp beds, they’re not very LA), all the decor, and all the flowers.

And then they called their favorite vendors to make it memorable. Fausto and Reuben from Blue Elephant Events and Catering; Julia from Andrea’s Bridal; and Will and Lucia from Focus Photography (you’re on our website). And then she found models, scheduled hair and makeup (J.Henry), got a bar service (Spirits Catering) and desserts (Mainely Wedding Cakes) and threw a party.

Let me just tell you a few things about the property. It’s huge, and it’s beautiful – if you like the Maine woods. Brides – you’re going to need a lot of time in your day for pictures, because there’s plenty of beautiful backdrops. If you want to know more about it, contact Camp Hinds Events.

The Head Table at our Camp Hinds Wedding Photo Shoot

It’s got an impact, doesn’t it?  Here’s a few more of the details that are all Laurie Andrews (That’s so LA!)

I love that the pillows on the couple’s bench match the table!
The coolest bar ever!
Camp Hinds wedding photo shoot - lounge area
The Lounge – it was impossible not to hang out in this section.
table details at camp hinds wedding photoshoot
Table details – check out the color harmony that Laurie has achieved with her choices here!
A few of the Amazing Flowers!

Other wedding vendors were on hand to see this beautiful new property, and so there were appetizers, drinks, and a LOT of desserts.  Blue Elephant Events and Catering served up heavy apps, the bar was run by Spirits Catering Company, and the beautiful desserts were by Mainely Cakes!

Appetizers by Blue Elephant Catering and Events
Heavy Apps by Blue Elephant Events and Catering
bride and groom at camp Hinds styled photo shoot
The ‘couple’ while everyone else was having cocktails.
Mainely Cakes desserts at Camp Hinds photo shoot
Crazy Desserts by Mainely Wedding Cakes’ Linda Noddin
Camp Hinds wedding photo shoot desserts
I’m salivating just looking at these. The desserts coordinated with the room decor – intentionally. Linda from Mainely Wedding Cakes applied gold foil (I think) to many of these to match the bronze of the decor.

So, let’s get back to our fictitious wedding!  Don’t you want to know how the day turned out for Corey and Kiersten?

Kiersten’s Dress is from Andrea’s Bridal, and Corey’s tux is from His and Her’s.
I honestly didn’t know if either Kiersten or Corey could swim when I asked them to row out into the river for these shots. Fortunately, they didn’t tip over!
The fall colors reflecting on the river! Camp Hinds is 300 acres of Maine goodness.
This is one of the lodges on the property, and I guess in my story they wanted to run back to their room for a few minutes after the ceremony?
The Boy Scouts are really big on the eagle. Kiersten and Corey couldn’t help but laugh around it.
Fun Fact: Kiersten and Cory (who modeled for this photo shoot), had never met before that afternoon.
Weddings at Camp Hinds

Really beautiful spot, right?  Here’s a special thank you to Kiersten and Cory, who I’m sure had no idea what they were info when they agreed to model for me.  I bet you’ll agree with me – they look like a couple in love, and not like complete strangers, right?  Couples (married, engaged,  whichever), if we can get images this romantic out of two people who have never met, imagine how good you’ll look when we photograph you.  Just saying.


So let's go through the vendor list one more time, just to give you some web links!