The Dunegrass Wedding of Malorie and Sean

The Dunegrass Wedding of Malorie and Sean

Amazing!  There is no other way to describe Malorie and Sean’s incredible wedding day – it was amazing.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never posted this many pictures on a single blog post before, and I’m leaving out at least half of my favorites!  I wish I could show you all of the incredible details that went into this awesome wedding.  From the moment we arrived at Malorie’s house, we were surrounded by the black and white patterns that Malorie and her mom Melody had used to decorate the entire wedding.

Here are a few images from Malorie’s house:

Things were very different at the Rooney residence:

Just a little different atmosphere… Okay, so Malorie and Sean had agreed to see each other before their ceremony, so the next group of images are from their first glance session:

Then we met up with the bridal party:

Then, off to take formals with the families – I’m not going to put a lot of family images up, but they’re all posted on if you’re interested.

From here it’s on to the church, and time for Malorie and Sean to get married:

And then we were off to the Dunegrass for the rest of the night!

_IMG 1741 (1DS_7177)

The wedding golf cart, thronged by fans….

Okay, are you ready to see the ballroom?  Chet raced on ahead of us to photograph the ballroom empty, and we have this beautiful shot of the room undisturbed because of him.

Of course there were toasts:

Dancing and bouquets….

But it’s the crazy stuff at weddings that really makes them fun.  I don’t even know what to say about the cat picture.  Girls being girls:

And guys being guys:

And that is only part of what made this wedding so incredible.  We had an awesome time.  Thanks for looking.