Jenna and Jason’s Monhegan Island Wedding

Jenna and Jason’s Monhegan Island Wedding

Monhegan is an island about twelve miles off the coast of Maine, and it’s home to a plethora of artists.  There are no streetlights, and at night if feels like you can touch the stars.  There are no gas stations, so most people walk or ride bicycles to get around.  It’s an amazing place to get away.  None of your guests will go outlet shopping if you’re hosting your wedding on Monhegan island!  

When Jenna talked to us about her wedding on the island, we assumed it would be a lot like any other wedding, just in a different location.  I was thrilled to be wrong.  At most weddings, people come and go.  On a nearby island, people can’t leave unless there’s a ferry, and the ferry schedule dictated that anyone coming to the wedding would be staying for the weekend.  A lot like a destination wedding in Aruba or Fiji, but much closer, so everyone came.  Since no one can leave, timing is a lot more casual, and things happen when they happen.

Take a look at this shot from earlier in the day:


That’s what the skies looked like at 2:00, when the ceremony was scheduled to begin.  Jenna & Jason decided to push all of their day’s events back by three hours, betting that the weather would clear for them, and when 5:00 rolled around (above), there was a very different day.

The ceremony was held on the lawn of a house on Sea Lane – I’m afraid I never did learn whose house it was.  On the far right of the top shot, you can see the boat landing and harbor of Monhegan, and the island Manana in back.  In front of the wedding attendees are the officiant on the right, the bride and groom standing in front of the right group of chairs, and singers rejoicing in the front.

As you look at the gallery, you’ll see we spent a little time walking around the island, capturing what makes Monhegan so special to Jenna.  We actually had a little more time to play than we were planning on because the ceremony was delayed to wait for the weather.  Here are a few more images:

Thanks for looking – Will

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A note from Lucia and William:  We’re so glad you looked through Jenna and Jason’s pictures! We just updated this post with the slider on the top, but shot this wedding a while ago (back in 2007!), and while our photography has certainly matured over the last decade, this is still a great wedding.  In the ten years since, I don’t think we’ve seen a more authentically Maine ceremony location.  

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