The Samoset Resort Wedding of Meghan and Aaron

The Samoset Resort Wedding of Meghan and Aaron

An update from Focus Photography:
  We hope you enjoyed that slideshow – we just swapped that for the original post (it’s 2018 when we’re writing this).  


In the years since we’ve shot this wedding, the Samoset has moved most of their ceremonies down to the water’s edge on the Eastern side of the property (if you can believe this, its an even better view).  They’ve also added a spa, a pool, a fabulous restaurant, and they updated their tent!

As for us at Focus Photography, we’ve shot hundreds of weddings since then, and we’ve improved in a lot of ways, but we’re still very happy showing these images.

And thanks for looking!
Will and Lucia


Once a year, a wedding astonishes me.  Meghan and Aaron’s wedding at the Samoset was so elaborate it blew my mind.  Let’s talk flowers – Minott’s provided the flowers here, and they were everywhere!  Uplighting, gobos, ice sculptures you name it – it was at Meghan and Aaron’s wedding.  But the most incredible thing of all was how down to earth and relaxed Meghan and Aaron were themselves.

Our team had a fabulous time at this wedding, and Will Clayton and the crew from the Samoset Resort couldn’t have done a better job with this wedding.  I hope you like the images – Will

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