Manchester Executive Court Wedding of Lisa and Chris

Manchester Executive Court Wedding of Lisa and Chris

I asked Lisa and Chris to tell me a little about their wedding, their bridal party, and the details of their wedding day to give you a little of their story as you look at some of my favorite images from their wedding.  I hope you enjoy the post! – Will

Both our ceremony and reception were held at the Executive Court in Manchester, NH – mostly it was chosen for the absolutely stunning grounds they have. One thing I remember is how beautiful all of the flowers & plants looked on the grounds. Everything seemed as if it was in full bloom!  – Lisa

Can you tell us a little about the dress?

I had originally picked out a dress, when I was 160lbs heavier which I thought was “ok” with thicker straps and some chiffon overlay on it, but after losing all of the weight I wanted something that showed me off a little more – isn’t that what at least part of the wedding is for? I went shopping again at Marry and Tux in Nashua, NH on my birthday in 2011 and found “the dress” It’s a light ivory colored taffeta strapless a-line gown with beading in the bust area and ruching all down the front. It had a corset back and it showed off my curves like nothing else I’ve every worn! I felt absolutely beautiful!! – Lisa

My hair was done by Lara Keefe from Manchester, NH. She did a phenomenal job. My hair stayed put during all of my crazy dance moves! My make-up was done by Ella Schowtzer from Londonderry, NH. I was worried with the humidity that day that something would happen to my make-up but nothing happened even though the weather tried it’s hardest!

Since we knew you wanted to get most of your formal portraits out of the way before your ceremony, we set you up to do our signature first-glance. What was that like?

Neither of us had heard of the first glance idea before but we’re not very traditional so we decided we would give it a shot! We are SO HAPPY that we did! It allowed us to get lot of the formal shots out of the way so we had more time to sit and enjoy our day. -Lisa & Chris

I felt very anxious before the first glance as I saw Will talking to Chris just across the lawn from where I was standing inside. I had butterflies in my stomach and I just wanted to see what he thought of every little detail put together. I secretly wanted him to shed at least 1 tear, but instead I saw one of the biggest smiles I’ve seen on him as he turned around to look at his soon-to-be wife. The first glance allowed me to release a lot of my nerves before having to walk down the aisle and that made it much easier on me. -Lisa

Chris and I have been together for exactly 5 years on the day we got married. We actually met at Home Depot where we both worked. I ended up going away to school for a year and when I transferred back to the same Home Depot the following year, I asked him to go out bowling with me and a bunch of our friends from work. While bowling we found ourselves talking to each other more than anyone else. We both knew from that night that we wanted to see where an “actual date” may take us. Christian took me out to see the first Transformers movie and the best part of the date for me was the several hours we sat in the parking lot after the movie just talking like we’d known each other for years.” – Lisa

My bridesmaid Hayley is an absolute ball of fun!! She’s always got something funny to say and the connection we have is indescribable. We always seem to have a good time together whether it’s just driving around town listening to music, practicing my new found love for shopping or kicking-butt on the softball field. Every girl needs a shopping partner and I’ve found my one and only! Her daughter, Skylar, was my flower girl. She was so adorable in her dress and I’m pretty sure she knew it too!

Chari is my Matron of Honor and my very best friend. We’ve been through a lot together as friends. In fact we became friends while dealing with the changes & struggles of a mutual friend who lived through a horrible car accident. It feels like we’ve known each-other all of our lives. I think our friendship works so well because she does the majority of the talking and I do the listening!

Oh, the groomsmen!!! Chris chose his two older brothers as his two groomsmen and I’m pretty sure they brought the party to every event we had for the wedding. Ren is Chris’ oldest brother and he looked so dapper in that tuxedo on the wedding day and I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the 3 guys playing with the parasol I originally was going to use for me and my girls. Steve was chosen at Chris’ Best Man and he did a wonderful job helping Chris out with anything he needed on the days leading up to the wedding. He had a great toast that brought tears to my eyes due to it being heartfelt & honest. Our two groomsmen are fun-loving, caring. wonderful guys and I couldn’t be happier to now officially call them family!

Our flowers were from PJs Flowers in Bedford, NH. Pj (the owner) was a riot to work with!! He has such an outgoing, fun personality and he really helped develop the perfect set of flowers to make my flower dreams come true. I wanted a ton of color in my flowers because I find that to be more fun and exciting that monochrome bouquets.

One of the most memorable moments for me was walking down the aisle as a married couple. I found it exciting and relieving that the “official part” was finally done!! -Christian

The BEST thing about working with Will & Lucia was the comfort level. Having your picture taken isn’t something people always enjoy but the way they interacted with everyone put us all at ease. They have all of these nifty tips & tricks to help people get through the process. For example, I tend to squint a lot and Will told me to look just above the camera which would open up my eyes more. -Chris

Will and Lucia are a relaxed, fun couple who want to incorporate what you want in your day, but also want to make sure you get the most out of their time and skills.  – Lisa

Was there a theme or a style to your wedding?

A color Lisa really wanted to integrate was more of a berry/burgundy color and that was the basis for many wedding decisions . -Christian

Our first dance was to “You Save Me” by Kenney Chesney.

 Lisa and her Father danced to “Never Alone” by Lady Antebellum..  Lisa and her Stepfather danced to “He Didn’t Have To Be.  – by Brad Paisley.  And Christian and his Mother danced to “Have I Told You Lately” by Van Morrison”

Who was your DJ? How did they do?

Dave Nadeau from “A Main Event” is easily the best DJ we’ve ever seen! He was so easy to work with and gave a lot of guidance to us when trying to plan days music. Everyone loved it when he put on the conga music and he put on the Jamaican wig with the ruffled arm bands. He definitely knows how to get people up and dancing!! We couldn’t have been happier with him as our DJ!”

One of the most memorable moments from the wedding for me was being the head of the Conga line as the DJ handed our moroccas& leis for everyone. I must have had the biggest smile on my face but the best part was seeing my family & friends smile as they watched me having a great time. A lot of my family is from out of state and they don’t get to see the funnier/crazier side of me as often. It still makes me smile thinking about it!” –Lisa

Missy was our “day of” coordinator at the Executive Court. She was patient, kind and happy even when I felt like I was e-mailing her a million questions during the weeks leading up to the wedding. Mike from the Executive Court who is another coordinator also did a great job in answering any last minute questions or concerns Chris and I had. They both were wonderful people to have on our team!

The food was impeccable! Even a week later we’re still hearing about how good the food was. That was definitely a home-run!!  We got our cake from Frederick’s Pastries in Bedford, NH. They did an amazing job incorporating the dandelion design from our invitation into the cake. Everyone raved about the chocolate raspberry option we chose!

It’s always awkward when you know someone is watching you while your trying to be more romantic but Will & Lucia have a way of coaching that is unobtrusive.  – Lisa and Chris

Thanks for looking – I hope you liked this post, and we had a great time at the wedding.  Will

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