Mark and Vicki at the Press Hotel

Mark and Vicki at the Press Hotel

Mark and Vicki wanted an intimate wedding with just their closest friends and family, and that’s exactly what they got.

The Press Hotel is a boutique inn located in the Portland Press Herald’s former offices, and they’ve done a great job of using the newspaper theme for their decor.  If you’ve never stopped in, you should.  It’s a relaxed form of swanky that is worth a visit (or a cocktail). 

Okay, enough prologue, let’s look at the highlights!

Front Of The Press Hotel
The Press Hotel in Portland Maine
Interior Of Press Hotel In Lobby - Portland, Maine
Groom'S Suit Coat And Flowers
Yellow Twist provided the florals for the wedding
Groom And Typewriter In Press Hotel
Bride In Suite At Press Hotel In Portland, Me
Bride And Groom In Press Hotel Suite
Cutouts In The Wall Allow A View Of The Wedding Couple At Press Hotel
Photographer’s Admission: I lost a solid minute playing with these holes in the divider. I’m always looking for something I can shoot through.
Wedding Rings And Wine Goblet For Jewish Wedding
Bride And Groom On Roof
The suite has a roof deck. It’s sweet. Okay, jokes are over, tout de suite, but it is amazing that a hotel room would have a private roof deck. Nothing else in the Press Hotel does.
Couple'S Pictures On Roof Of Press Hotel In Portland, Me
Bride Silhouetted Against Sky
These two silhouettes are Mark’s shots. I pushed the shutter, but he saw it in his eyes first.
Ketubah Signing
The Ketubah
Books And Typewriters At Press Hotel
Empty Room For Ceremony At Press Hotel
Wedding Ceremony At Press Hotel In Portland, Me
Wedding Ceremony
Art Display Of Typewriters At Press Hotel
Cake And Serving
Food At Press Hotel Wedding
Couple And Singer
Groom Sings To His Bride
Press Hotel Portland Maine Wedding

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