Alyssa and Matt at Point Lookout

Alyssa and Matt at Point Lookout

This little spherical image on the left, called a Little Planet, is so appropriate for this wedding on top of Point Lookout’s Summit (no longer a wedding venue I’m afraid), where it really does feel like you’re on top of the world. You’re definitely on top of the MidCoast!  

To make a little planet image you start with a 360 image, and then you wrap it around itself.  And the 360 image is even cooler than the little planet, because it lets you virtually look around in all directions.  We try to shoot one whenever we’re at an amazing location, and this ceremony was no exception.  Click the link below and the viewer will load – you can even zoom in to see all of the people in the chairs.

If you watched the video above you heard Alyssa’s friend Chris officiating, and he definitely delivered one of the funniest ceremonies we’ve ever heard.  In editing it down to fit in the time available for the video I cut some of his best jokes.  Sorry Chris.  Here’s one that didn’t make it:  All marriages require three rings.  An engagement ring (he pauses for Alyssa to show it), wedding rings (the couple shows them), and then a lifetime of suffering (he emphasized the Ring at the end).  I never saw that coming.

Here’s some of our favorite images, and thanks for looking.

Point Lookout Summit Seen From Drone
Wedding Details For Bride And Maids
Bride With Flowers From Seasons Downeast
Flowers by Seasons DownEast Designs
Groomsmen With Beer Glasses
Groomsmen Pictures At Point Lookout Summit
Bridesmaids Pictures At Point Lookout
Bride With Flower Girls
Wedding Ceremony Point Lookout Summit In Northport, Maine
The First Look
Bride Intro
Wedding Ceremony And Kiss
Ceremony Picture At Point Lookout
Wedding Couple Romantics At Point Lookout
Midcoast Harbor Behind Wedding Couple
Bride And Groom Pictures
Point Lookout Summit Panorama
Bride And Groom Romantics
Maine Wedding Photographers Focus Capture Unique Wedding Party Images
Wedding Party
Ballroom Panorama At Pont Lookout Summit
The Compass Ballroom at Point Lookout’s Summit
Lawnmower Entrance
Wedding Party Entrances
Bride And Groom Entrance To Ballroom At Point Lookout Summit
Wedding Toasts
It was a laugh until you cry type of reception…
Wedding Roast
Toasts From Others
Wedding Speech
First Dance Picture At Maine Wedding
The First Dance
Maine Wedding Photographers Capture Great Dance Pictures
Dance Floor Image At Point Lookout
Wicked Whoopie Pies At Maine Wedding
Wicked Whoopie Pies
Twilight Pictures Of Bride And Groom
People Laughing At Cocktail Party
Dancefloor Pictures At Maine Wedding In Northport
Air Guitar At Point Lookout Wedding
Bride And Groom Dance
Point Lookout Summit At Night
Couple Kisses Behind Flowers

Thanks for looking all the way to the bottom!  We’d love to hear your thoughts – go ahead and say something nice to the couple!

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