The Portland Harbor Hotel Wedding of Pam and Mike

The Portland Harbor Hotel Wedding of Pam and Mike

cupcakes at The Portland Harbor Hotel Wedding

While Lucia and I work at a lot of larger weddings, many of my favorite celebrations are as intimate as the bride, groom, and their immediate family.   There’s something so personal about a small event, whether at a tropical destination wedding, or as with Pam and Mike, right here in Portland, Maine.  i hope you enjoy the images, and learn a little about this unique family from their interview responses.  Thanks for looking  –  Will

bride and groom at stairwell in The Portland Harbor Hotel Wedding

We had the perfect wedding for us…small and intimate with just our boys and our immediate family. We hope you enjoy the images that we had fun creating with the imagination of Will and Lucia. – Pam and Mike

Mike outside of Eve's - the restaurant at the Portland Harbor Hotel
groom in the gardens of the Portland Harbor Hotel

Mike wore a tux with a vest and bow tie. He was the most handsome I had ever seen him other than when he comes out of the shower glistening… :)” — Pam

groom in the gardens of the Portland Harbor Hotel

This was not my first wedding, but it is going to be my last wedding and I wanted a very simple yet classic dress. I had a vision in my mind and went into the bridal shop and it was the fourth dress I tried on but as soon as I saw myself in it, I knew it was the ONE!!!” — Pam

bride looking out at Portland Maine Wedding
Bride puts on a bracelet as a final touch
Detail of rings with gown in backround
Pam approaches Mike during the first glance

Mike and I did a first glance in the garden, which was amazing. I was so nervous walking toward him wondering what he would think when he saw me. Will told me to walk slow but I was so anxious to get to Mike that I think I walked faster than I was supposed to. When I reached Mike, I took a deep breath and whispered to him Are you ready for this? He said Yes so I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around. He looked so handsome and had such joy in his face. I felt like the most beautiful person on earth. — Pam

Portland Maine Wedding photography
first look at the bride by the groom
Bride taps groom on shoulder before First Glance
Groom looking at his bride
Close up of hands clasping
maine wedding photographers Will and lucia captured this Portland Harbor Hotel wedding
Back detail of wedding gown
A kiss in the Garden at Eve's

We were married in the garden at the Portland Harbor Hotel. The rain held off long enough for us to do the service.  Cynthia Chadwick wrote and performed our ceremony. She met with us over coffee and asked us a gazillion questions to get to know us. She wrote the perfect ceremondy for us and when I say perfect, it was perfect… My two handsome and hambone boys stood with me and Mike’s three boys stood with him. They all looked so freaking handsome in their tuxes. And the funny part, is that they all knew it. Hopefully the pictures will show their swag . — Pam

Bridal party at Eve's
family on wharf street during Maine wedding photography - photographers Will and Lucia from Focus

We did our traditional pictures with the family in the garden and then we took the boys and hit the streets of Portland. We really wanted urban type pictures…cobblestone, brick walls, etc. However, we were able to get in one cobblestone street and the rain started so we finished up in the Portland Harbor Hotel which actually was fun. They have a beautiful staircase and lovely windows. They even had nice table which to sprawl on and hardwood floors to lay on. LOL. It was so much fun. Again, Will and Lucia made us laugh so much. And Will put us in the strangest positions but I know he has a vision and I trusted them both implicitly. — Pam

Bridal party at Eve's
Full length image of a Bride and Groom on Wharf Street
Close up of hand detail and wedding rings
A Bride and Groom on Wharf Street
Portland Maine Wedding photography
Bride and Groom snuggle in for a kiss

Will and Lucia were the BEST to work with on our wedding. Lucia was my support system before, during and after the wedding…I could not have made it through without her. Will was funny and made all five boys (ages 16, 13, 12, 10 and 7) feel so comfortable and he made me feel like the most beautiful bride he had ever photographed. For all of those reasons…thank you both from the bottom of our hearts!! xoxo” — Pam

An elopement couple kisses on the steps at the Portland Harbor Hotel
Portland Maine Wedding
Bride and Groom on the stairs at the Portland Harbor Hotel
A kiss in the window

Having been photographed by Will and Lucia in the past, I was much better prepared for Will’s antics and zany ideas. -Mike


I agree with Mike –Pam

The Portland Harbor Hotel Wedding
Gazing out at the Portland Harbor Hotel
Bride rests on a table
A kiss on the forehead
Bride and Groom lye down for a shot

We did not have a reception. We did have an informal toast in the garden after the wedding and we chose to have an intimate dinner with just the boys, our parents and my brother. We ate at Eve’s in the hotel. The service was impeccable and the food was delicious.


Cupcakes were from Our Sweet Tooth Cupcakes and every family member got to choose their favorite flavor and Val made them for us. —  Pam

Bride and Groom Cupcake Toppers
Cupcake tower
Ordering Dinner at the Portland Harbor Hotel
Enjoying dinner at the Portland Harbor Hotel
Sneaking a peek at the dinner scene

Mike and I, with the help of friends, family and vendors, created our Perfect Wedding. It was small and intimate and our children were a big part of the event. That was our goal as not only were Mike and I getting married, our separate families were joining as one. One family…The Magnificent Seven. – Pam & Mike

Portland Maine Wedding photographers Will and Lucia captured Pam and Mike's wedding
A kiss on Wharf Street

After dinner, the boys and our parents went home. Mike and I had a room at the Hotel and they drove us to RiRa, our favorite bar where we had invited a few friends to share some celebratory drinks with us. It was a blast to see everyone and there were even three other brides there that night!!!  One of my favorite local bands, North of Nashville, was playing for the night. I know Jay and Andrew and they coerced us on stage and sang us a love song. They gave us a first dance when one was not even planned. I will never forget it!!!” —  Pam


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