The Samoset Wedding of Mandy and Ryan – a Maine Destination Wedding

The Samoset Wedding of Mandy and Ryan – a Maine Destination Wedding

Samoset Wedding fireworks

You’re in for a treat with this wedding – it features all of the best that the Samoset offers in one gallery! Mandy and Ryan and all of their guests came up to Rockport, Maine from New Jersey, so a huge thank you to them for having a Maine wedding!

Here’s a few things to look for: the bridal parties in matching Ralph Lauren bathrobes; more groomsmen than you can have on football field at one time; a red boat that was hired to motor around the harbor so it would be there in pictures; fireworks at the end of the night to surprise the guests; and a choreographed first dance.  And you’ll see two people who love each other and their families, have an exceptional, and memorable wedding.

These are my favorites – I hope you enjoy them, and they give you an inkling of what an amazing day this was. When you’re done, check out our Samoset Resort Weddings’ Page!

 Samoset resort wedding photos
  Samoset resort wedding photos of bride and maids
 bridesmaids in  Samoset resort wedding photos
There’s a good story here – you should ask if your curious.
 bride in  Samoset resort wedding photos
Groom's Tie and flowers - Samoset resort wedding
 Groom' and men getting ready in matching robes - Samoset resort wedding
 Groom - Samoset resort wedding
first look - Samoset resort wedding
 first look on golf course - Samoset resort wedding - Rockport, Maine
couple on golf course- Samoset resort wedding
wedding couple on golf course
This wooden fence is the course’s out-of-bounds marker. I love the path it creates down to the water.
couple at Penn bay - Samoset resort wedding
sun parasol at wedding
We always tell our clients to buy umbrellas that match their colors as insurance against the rain. Mandy found the perfect parasol, and was determined to use it, rain or shine:)
 Samoset hidden path for wedding couple
 Golf course water spray at Samoset wedding
The water spray behind Ryan is a feature on the golf course, and not a typhoon touching down in Maine.
 couple driving a golf cart on wedding
 couple on bridge at samoset golf course
You can see this bridge as you drive into the Samoset, but you really need a golf cart to get down to it.
 couple walking across bridge

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Between groom, men, ushers, and juniors – 14 guys. There was a LOT of testosterone at this wedding!
We tried to space the ladies out so it would seem like there was as many of them – did it work?
 wedding party

Our Samoset wedding was epic, and Focus Photography captured our day perfectly!
I can’t believe they could wrangle that many groomsmen (!) and keep everyone laughing through the pictures, but we had a blast working with Will and Lucia, and you should definitely pick Focus Photography for your Samoset wedding!

Mandy and Ryan

 wedding aisle and rose petals at Samoset resort
Literally every rose picked last month gave its petals to decorate this aisle. Thankfully it wasn’t windy!
 bride walks down aisle with mom
Mandy’s mom walked her down the aisle.
 wedding ceremony  at samoset
 wedding vows and kiss at samoset
The only thing that dates this wedding is the number of digital cameras. Two years before this and they weren’t popular, and two years later eveyone would be holding a phone.
 wedding exit of bride and groom
This is the reverse of the last image – something you only get with multiple photographers.
 bride and groom at cocktail hour at samoset resort wedding
 cocktail party
 wine pouring into glass
 bridesmaid throwing a party
I didn’t ask where she got the booze, or where she was going with it. She seems like a very good bridesmaid to me, really taking her party responsibilities seriously.
 wedding rings on flowers
Really lovely wedding rings. Nice to have such pretty florals to shoot them on.
 pink table setting
 wedding reception in tent
A tented reception at the Samoset is such a good summer wedding option!
 table cards and gift bags
Lobster themed gift bags
 lobster chowder
The Samoset’s award winning lobster and corn chowder!
 samoset at dusk
The rose petals, finally scattered across the ceremony site.
 wedding dance
Mandy and Ryan had a choreographed first dance. I’m particularly impressed by the lift in the top right.
 wedding cake
 cake cutting
 kiss in the wedding tent at samoset resort
 party in tent at night
 wedding dancing
 bride and groom on shoulders as dancing gets crazy
 fireworks at wedding
And to finish the night with a bang , Ryan arranged fireworks!
 fireworks at wedding at samoset in rockport, maine
 fireworks finale at wedding

Thank you so much for getting to the bottom of the page! I hope you got a really good impression of how amazing this wedding was. We’ll remember it forever, but if we forget, we’ve got really good pictures to remind us:)

Lucia and I are grateful to our second shooters Chet and Amanda who both helped out at this wedding. It was a long and full day, and we couldn’t have covered this event the way we did without them.

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