Sophia’s Quinceanera Party


Sophia’s Quinceanera Party

Sophia’s dads Fausto and Reuben threw her a traditional Spanish 15th birthday party – known in Latin America and the US as a QuinceaƱera. The party was held at the showroom at the Maine Mall for Laurie Andrews Design, a florist, event-planner, and rental company.

Quinceanera Party dress hanging in front of block letters
Is Sophia’s name spelled out in lights not amazing?
special bracelet for Quinceanera Party
Fausto had a special bracelet and earrings for Sophia to wear.
Quinceanera Party dress for Sophia and her dog
Sophia had a beautiful gown for the party – and her chihuahua Prue had a matching dress!
Quinceanera Party desserts
There were cupcakes, cake and a huge candy bar…
passed appetizers at Quinceanera Party
Passed appetizers including Chili in a Doritos bag (a huge hit with everyone)
mocktails for kids
Mocktails with ice cream and cotton candy floats
teenagers crushing a candy bar
And so much candy – and ring pops!
Sophia at the numbers 15
special dances at Quinceanera Party
There were formal dances with Sophia’s dads and her grandfather
kids at party
And then dancing with her friends; lounging with attitude; and whatever Cameron is doing
kids being cool
When you party in a florist and rental showroom, every wall is a cool backdrop!
birthday cake at Quinceanera Party
Sophia blew out her candles with a little help…
kids and cake
And then – cake. Everyone loves cake.

You might have thought that after sugar, sugar, sugar, and cake the party would come to an end, but it didn’t! Sophia and her friends were all given a $20 play card at Round1 Bowling And Amusement at the mall, and unleashed on an unsuspecting shopping plaza.

walking through the maine mall
Emily shows off her game card while cleverly discouraging kiosk pitchmen (you’ve been to the mall) with her mask.
birthday party at arcade at maine mall
birthday party at Round 1 arcade at Maine Mall
There was shooting
shooting guns in game at Round 1 arcade at Maine Mall
Lots of shooting
basketball at Round 1 arcade at Maine Mall
Hooping (Sophia was the champion)
air hockey at Round 1 arcade at Maine Mall
Hockey (with many more pucks than you remember)
video games at Round 1 arcade at Maine Mall
Dancing, driving
dancing at Round 1 arcade at Maine Mall
And car key losing. You’ll have to ask Amber for the details.
kids walking back from Round 1 arcade at Maine Mall
And then, in a vain attempt to wear out the never-ending supply of adolescent energy, there was a 20 mile march around the mall.

I hope you like the highlights – it was a super fun party, and I’m thrilled to have been able to photograph it. Happy 15th, Sophia!