The Maine Boathouse

The Maine Boathouse

Here’s a styled shoot we did with some of our favorite vendors to help launch a new wedding venue in Maine. That venue – The Maine Boathouse – is located in Freeport near the Harraseeket Yacht Club, and is right on the water. There are two guest cottages that rent with the property as well, and I’ve included a couple of images from inside them.

If you don’t know what a styled photoshoot is, it’s a fake wedding! The couple in the images had never met, the designs are all chosen by the vendors (and not by clients), but the food is real! Blue Elephant made sure that everyone who was working in any capacity had a great meal.

These images are online on the Maine Boathouse website (link below) which was designed by Tide Creative, who does all the marketing for the Boathouse and their sister property, Hardy Farm.

Lucia, Alison, and I (we’re Focus Photography) had a great time working on this shoot! I need to thank Brittany and Michael, who volunteered to model for this shoot to save me from total desperation. The venue images are great, but I felt I really needed a wedding couple in them to give it a sense of realness.

Thanks for looking – Will

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