Nonantum Wedding of Christa and Greg

Nonantum Wedding of Christa and Greg

 Already this year, we’ve shot some amazing weddings, but on May 2nd, we had the most incredible wedding at the Nonantum. Christa Stetson and Greg Silva, both of whom work in the wedding and hospitality business at the York Harbor Inn, had a gorgeous wedding at the Nonantum. The weather was beautiful, warm, and sunny; the staff and service at the Nonantum were at the top of their game (amazing for so early in the season); and Christa and Greg had chosen an all-star lineup of wedding vendors, including Let Them Eat Cake, Brenda’s Bloomers, Fred Pappalardo as DJ, and the whole entourage from Focus (Lucia and I were joined by Chet and Amanda).

 Here are a few of my favorite images from this amazing wedding:

Christa, the bridal party, and her parents waiting in the bar before the ceremony.

Greg and all the guys before the ceremony

Christa with her father, Mark Stetson, minutes before walking down the aisle.

The four images below best demonstrate the emotions leading up to this ceremony:
She’s Crying, She’s Pensive, She’s Laughing – all in just a few steps

Hey, real men cry at weddings, what can I tell you?

This is a shot of the cocktail party, for those of you that missed it because you were with me….

If you haven’t been to the Nonantum before, this is the back end of their property, just in front of the docks.  The shot above was taken
at about 7:15 – just before the sun dipped out of the sky altogether.

The Entire Bridal Party:  First, you should know how incredible nervous I was about the weight distribution on the dock.
Can you see how bowed it is in the center?  I was certain we were going to lose one of the ushers at any moment,
but after bringing everyone down the ramp to the docks, no one was leaving until we had the shot.

Here’s the same location, with just the bride and groom.  My favorite image from this wedding:

Thanks for looking.  I’ll post some more of the images here in a slide show for you to enjoy soon.  In the meantime, here are the links to some of the amazing vendors that made Christa and Greg’s wedding possible:

The Nonantum Resort – Contact Tim or Dawn

Let Them Eat Cake – Gayle Forte

Brenda’s Bloomers – Brenda Elwell-Taylor

Fred Pappalardo Disc Jockeys – Fred Pappalardo

and of course,

Focus Photography – Will Wenzel and Lucia Razionale – Weddings at Focus Photography

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