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Grace Portland Maine Weddings
Portland, Maine

Grace Portland Maine Weddings

Grace Portland Maine Weddings

Grace is a unique event space that has to be seen.  It’s the former Chestnut Street Church, which was completely renovated in 2007 to be Portland’s poshest restaurant, and in 2019 became an events only space.

The main floor has an exposed kitchen (underneath the organ pipes!), and a centrally located bar.  There are balconies above, with great views of the main floor, and a separate bar there.

There is also a lower level as well, now chiefly used for ceremonies.

Speaking as wedding photographers, Grace offers the most amazing spot for pictures.  It’s located right of Congress Street, has the high vaulted ceilings befitting a historic church, and uninterupted views inside.

At Focus Photography, we love working at Grace, and invite you to learn a little more about us, and ask you to consider us for your Trine Events at Grace Wedding Photographers!

In 2007, Chestnut Street Church, already on the National Registry of Historic Places, was purchased and completely renovated, turning it into a locally loved and nationally acclaimed restaurant, Grace, in 2009. Grace operated as a full service restaurant and event space until 2019 when we again reimagined the beautiful structure to concentrate only on the event side of the business so we could make more room for beautiful weddings, exciting functions and our commitment to having space for our community efforts.

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