Portsmouth New Hampshire Weddings

Sheraton Portsmouth Wedding, New Hampshire

Portsmouth New Hampshire Weddings

Portsmouth New Hampshire Weddings

Focus Photography has been helping New Hampshire couples document their weddings since we opened our studio in 2005.  We’re based in Maine, but shoot more weddings in New Hampshire than we do in Maine (go figure!).

If you’re looking for a Portsmouth Wedding Photographer, we’d love to show you our portfolio, and see if we’re a match for what you’re looking for.

We offer complete album collections, multiple photographers for your whole wedding day, smaller events with only 1 photographer, and intimate celebrations that only need a few hours of photography.

Are You Looking For The Best Photographers For Your Portsmouth New Hampshire Wedding?

Congratulations – You’ve Found Us!

We’re Will and Lucia – the photographers behind Focus Photography.

Drop your details into the form on the right, and we’ll send you our wedding guide and price list.

Though Focus Photography kind of sounds like a whole team of photographers, it’s just the two of us that shot everything on this site.

The upside – you’re going to work the photographers who created all the images we show, and not an ‘apprentice’ we brought on last month.

But the downside is, we can only shoot one wedding a day, and 30 in a season, so we do ask you to put your date on the form on the right so we can ensure we’re still available!

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