Wentworth by the Sea Wedding of Lynn and Steve

Wentworth by the Sea Wedding of Lynn and Steve

Wedding Rings

Steve and I met in college. We lived across the hall from each other. We instantly clicked and became the best of friends.  It took us a few years, but we realized we were destined to be together, and we’ve been together for almost 6 years. We feel so honored to have had so many amazing people that we care about and who care about us that to share our special day with us. It meant the world to us to have everyone there! – Lynn Bowen

Bride admiring her dress choices.
the bride getting wedding day makeup
Bride looks out window on wedding day
shoes and jewelry on wedding gown
the bridesmaids help put the wedding gown on
Wedding gown and bridesmaid's dresses in bridal suite with bride

I chose a strapless, lace, A-line dress from the wedding shop Madeleine’s Daughter in Portsmouth NH. It was my first time wedding dress shopping and I brought my mother and my two bridesmaids. I had always imagined I would have to try on over 100 dresses to find the one – just like on Say Yes to The Dress. Not at Madeleine’s – It only took me 7 dresses before I found my dream gown. Lynn

wedding gown by madeleine's daughter of Portsmouth, new hampshire
Wedding bouquets, pearls, and the bride's hanger
Close shot of wedding flowers from Wentworth by the Sea wedding. Photographers Will and Lucia of Focus Photography
The wedding bouquet in the bride's getting ready room

My flowers were from Jardiniere. The florist made the most beautiful centerpieces I had ever seen, and my bouquet consisted of roses, peonies and snap peas. My favorite color is pink so all I wanted was a combination of different pinks and they did a great job.

Beautiful bride admires her bridal bouquet
Close up of beautiful brides eyes

I wanted my hair and makeup to be simple not too over the top. Jennifer DelMonaco did an amazing job making me feel beautiful. Lynn

wedding veil on bridal portrait at Wentworth by the sea
Groom waiting patiently for his bride
Groom and bowtie
wedding bands

Steve is an insurance agent at Liberty Mutual. He wears a tie to work everyday, so when the opportunity arose he thought it would be cool for the bridal party to switch it up all wear bow ties.

groom in charcoal tuxedu from soiree in portsmouth new hampshire

Steve and the groomsmen wore charcoal tuxes from Soiree in Portsmouth, NH. The tuxes were very classy, and they said comfortable to wear. Lynn

bride and wedding flowers at Wenthworth by the sea
groom waits before first look
bride approaches groom at first look
bride and groom at wentworth by the sea in new castle new hampshre - wedding photographers capture first look
first glance of bride by groom at Wentworth wedding
bride and groom during wedding photography in new hampshire
Photographers capture expressions during first look
wentworth wedding photography
Groom takes a look at Brides gown
new hampshire wedding photographers focus photography capture the first glance
a kiss during wedding photos

Steve and I wanted to do our formals before the ceremony because we really wanted to be at the cocktail hour, celebrating with our guests. It was great to have that time just him and I, we were able to have a moment before everyone else saw us. It was perfect. I also loved the look on his face when I tapped his shoulder and he turned about to see me for the first time. – Lynn


Steve and I love to take pictures with our family and friends, but have never really experienced what it would be like to be photographed together. At first we felt a little awkward, but after a few minutes we felt very comfortable, like no one else was there. – Lynn

New Hampshire wedding photography of bridal party
Bridal Party in the gardens at the Wentworth by the Sea

Tony Bowen, Steve’s younger brother was the best man. He was the best person for the job considering he’s known Steve his entire life. He did an amazing job organizing Steve’s bachelor party as well as gave a funny, yet emotional speech during the wedding.

groomsmen at the wentworth by the sea.

The groomsmen were Evan and Josh Sideman.  My brothers are very important to us so we wanted them to be part of our special day. They are two of our best friends who we spend time with on a regular basis. Steve especially loves them because they are his fishing and golfing buddies.

bride and maid of honor during wentworth wedding - photographers Will and Lucia of Focus Phtography
bride and bridesmaids at wentworth wedding - photography by focus
Bride with an Attendant

Libby Alexander was my Maid of honor. We have been friends since we were nine years old. We met at Brooks School Day Camp. We both love to shop, walk and talk, go to the beach and eat frozen yogurt, so we get along great! I don’t know what I would do without her. Lindsay Sideman, my sister in law was my Matron of honor. When we met eight years ago, I instantly knew I loved her, wanted her to become part of the family and I had a feeling we would become great friends! I was extremely lucky to have such wonderful ladies to share my special day with.  Lynn


groom contemplates ketuba - a Jewish wedding tradition
Ketubah signing at Wentworth by the sea

Will here. Sorry to jump into Lynn’s interview, but I just wanted to say how elegant Steve and Lynn’s ketubah is.  I’m told that the Aramaic text written on a ketubah details a husband’s obligations to his wife, and specifies the amount of zuz he must pay his wife if he divorces her, but I don’t read Aramaic, and I’m pretty sure no one is enforcing Talmudic law. 

Here’s what I see when couples have a ketubah signing – I see a visual representation of a wedding covenant; a piece of art that commemorates commitment, in a spiritual, historical, and artistic way.  An ancient Jewish tradition transformed by artisans to have meaning for a contemporary couple.  I love them, and Lynn and Steve’s ketubah is perhaps the most beautiful contract I’ve ever seen signed.

Sorry for the interruption, but hey, this is my blog, and I reserve the right to rant about beauty and love.   Will

Ketubah (Jewish wedding contract) behind bride and groom at Wentworth wedding - photography by Focus

While walking with my parents down the aisle I wasn’t nervous about getting married – I was nervous about tripping in my high heels since I’m not a heel kind of girl! Seeing Steve standing at the alter put the biggest smile on my face. I couldn’t wait to get to the end just to be with him. Lynn

bride and her parents walk down the aisle

I had been looking forward to this day for a very long time. As I waited for Lynn’s parents to give me her hand in marriage, I thought to myself, “I am the luckiest man alive”. Today I get to marry my best friend. – Steve


Our ceremony took place at the gazebo at the fabulous Wentworth By The Sea hotel. It was the perfect spot for us because we love the ocean, and it had the most beautiful atmosphere. It was hard not to fall in love with the Wentworth.


Rabbi Karen Landy performed our ceremony. She did a great job helping us to express our feelings for each other.  While Rabbi Karen was reciting the blessing over the wine, Steve couldn’t wait till she was done and took a sip. Everyone laughed. – Lynn


The staff at the Wentworth was incredible! Every time my mother or I wanted to add or change something the coordinator just smiled and made it happen. She kept everyone calm and did an excellent job staying organized and on top of the wedding planning. – Lynn and Steve


Will and Lucia from Focus Photography were absolutely amazing people to work with. Their top priority was pleasing us. They didn’t make us feel rushed or overwhelmed at any point throughout the day. We loved their fun, and outgoing personalities, and at the same time were extremely professional. We couldn’t have picked better wedding photographers. Lynn and Steve Bowen

bride and groom in the garden at the Wentworth by the sea in New Castle, New Hampshire. Wedding photographers Focus Photography

 We used the most amazing woman for our invitations and place cards. Her name is Deborah Smith. She owns Mainely New Hampshire, in Portsmouth. She was one of my favorite people I came in counter with during the wedding planning process. She did a wonderful job making everything I dreamt of a reality. Lynn and Steve Bowen

the Wentworth Ballroom at the Newcastle, New Hampshire Wentworth by the Sea. Wedding Photographers Focus Photography

I was so excited to dance with my new husband for the first time. While we were dancing I felt as though there was no one else there but the two of us. It was perfect. – Lynn

Bride and Groom Dancing in the Wentworth Ballroom
first dance
Bride and Groom dance with Wedding Cake
Bride smiles over Grooms shoulder
bride and groom dance at wentworth by the sea
Bride and Groom enjoying their first dance

Steve and I picked the song My Best Friend by Tim McGraw as our first dance song. The words described our relationship perfectly. Not only are in love, we are best friends too. Steve danced with his mom to the song My Wish by the Rascal Flatts, and I danced to the song Because you Loved me by Celine Dion.

Bride dances with dad in ballroom
Bride enjoys her dance with dad
Groom dances with mom

I loved sharing a dance with my dad. My father is so important to me. He was the one who delivered me when I was born, not too many people can say that! – Lynn

Bride laughs at Best Mans toast
Black and White image of toast being given by Maid of Honor
Dad says a few words
Three Grandmothers cut the Hallah bread
Bride and Groom toast while mom watches

We had the most amazing people give toasts in our honor. Steve’s brother Tony did an excellent job making the guests laugh as well as shed some tears. Libby’s speech was simple but perfect, making everyone emotional as well. We are so lucky to have amazing people in our lives that care about us as much as they do.


What’s your most memorable moment from the party?

Steve and I loved doing the hora with our guests and had a blast being lifted up in chairs. The entire wedding was on the dance floor celebrating with us. It was a wonderful feeling! – Lynn

Bride about to be lifted in a chair
The Tora
Groom enjoys The Torah

 Steve and I had such an amazing time dancing the entire night we barely got to enjoy our delicious meals. What we did enjoy was some of the most spectacular food that we have ever eaten.

Bride and Groom dancing with guests
Bride enjoys a Martini
Groom gets his Groove on
Wedding cake by Jaques

Our cake was from Jacques pastries. It tasted absolutely delectable. Everyone loved the combination of red velvet cake and butter cream frosting.

Bride and Groom cut the Wedding Cake
A slice of chocolate cake

Steve likes to laugh and have fun, so he gave all the men in the bridal party ‘ I’d rather be fishing socks’ to wear to the wedding. Lynn


My parents Lois and Brad Sideman, are the most amazing people. We are so fortunate that they care about us as much as they do to put on such an extravagant wedding for us. It was the most perfect day and we owe it all to them! Lynn


We feel so honored to have so many amazing people that we care about and who care about us that were there to share our special day to us. It meant the world to us to have everyone there! — Steve and Lynn Bowen

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