Melissa and Eddie’s Wentworth by the Sea Wedding

Melissa and Eddie’s Wentworth by the Sea Wedding

I’ve got some great images to share with you from Melissa and Eddie’s wedding!  These two are gorgeous, and perfect for each other, so we were excited for their wedding.  Plus, they were having their reception at one of our favorite venues: The Wentworth by the Sea hotel in New Castle.

Here’s one of the least known facts about the Wentworth by the Sea: beyond the elegance and the great service are 3 ballrooms that hold some of the most fun parties ever thrown.  Sure, Wentworth couples enjoy great meals at the start of their receptions, but then they know how to party.  Melissa and Eddie’s crowd – they took it up several notches and turned the Wentworth ballroom into a  rave. 

So now you know, Melissa and Eddie’s wedding night ended with every guest on the dance floor, and DJ Greg Pic whipping the crowd into a frenzy.  Before that, a church ceremony, a stop at the beach, and some romantic images at the Wentworth marina. 

Lucia and I started our day at the bride’s family home where she was getting ready, and so the images start there, with Melissa and the bridesmaids in robes.

hair and wedding makeup
Hair and Makeup by Lyndsay Simon
wedding flower bouquet
Flowers by Jardinniere
bride's wedding dress
The Dress, from Alegria Bridal
wedding prep in mirror
bride in robe with wedding gown
Bridesmaids helping the bride get dressed
bride dressed in wedding gown
Bridal portraits
bride with parents
I always love it when I can add the bride’s parents in the background, particularly in their own house.
The groom at the church
Eddie, Before the Ceremony
The bride arrives in a classic Rolls Royce
Melissa and her dad arrived in a Rolls
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer walking down the aisle
The bride being walked down the aisle
The Ceremony
Ring Exchange
Bride and groom leaving the church
Wedding pictures at Rye Beach
Wedding portraits at the beach
Travelling in a Rolls Royce Limo to the Wentowrth
The Classic Rolls Royce – From Black Tie Limo
Eddie carrying Melissa into the Wentworth
First dance at wentworth by the sea wedding of melissa and eddie in wentworth ballroom.
Cake by Jaques at Wentworth by the Sea wedding
The Wedding Cake
Melissa and Eddie demonstrating their signature moves
Eddie and Melissa, each catching their own air
The Last Dance
Night photo of bride and groom at Wentworth by the sea
Night photo with colored lights at Wentworth by the Sea hotel Wedding

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A good wedding has a lot of contributors. These are a few of the people I know that helped make this happen.