Angela and Tim’s Wedding

Angela and Tim’s Wedding

Angela and Tim had a great June wedding at the Wentworth! The had a rocking band we’ve never heard before (Chad LaMarsh); Tim and Angela’s daughter Elle stole everyone’s hearts, and was adorable all day; Tim’s 5th grade teacher performed the wedding ceremony (How cool is that?); and Lucia and I got to see Katie and Jan again (the bride and groom from one of last year’s most memorable weddings).

Huge thank yous to Laura, Teresa, Erin and Ella from the Wentworth, as well as to the complete vendor team responsible for the day we got to photograph (listed at the bottom)! The day was a blast for us, and I hope you enjoy these images!

The Wentworth by the Sea Hotel in New Castle, New Hampshire
Angela and Tim’s wedding reception was at the Wentworth by the Sea Hotel in New Castle. This is also where the couple stayed, and got dressed for their wedding. From the time the snow melts until it falls again, their grounds are beautifully filled with flowering plants, and always photogenic.
wedding gown, and bride's details
The Bride’s Details. Here’s the wedding dress displayed on a date-engraved hanger, with the bride’s married name in wire art. I love those hangers.
bride photographed through wire art hanger.
I really like the wire-art bride’s hangers because they’re fun for me to play with 🙂 Here’s Angela getting her hair coiffed by her sister.
Florist pins flower on groom's lapel
This is Kathie from Jardiniere Flowers pinning all of the guys jackets. She doesn’t like being photographed while she’s working, but I feel like you need to see the extra service she gives her clients. She didn’t just drop off all the flowers and go to her next stop – she found the guys’ suits in the grooms’ room and pinned them all while they were eating at the restaurant.
groom's flower boutonniere
Groom’s Boutonniere
Groom photographed at the Wentworth by the Sea
Tim, demonstrating his hood slide, Dukes of Hazard style.
Groom at the Wentworth
On the front porch of the Wentworth
groomsmen at the Wentworth by the Sea
All the guys. This includes Angela’s two sons, who were part of the bridal party, but who rounded out this grooms’ men group nicely!
Wentworth by the Sea bride
Angela on the back porch
bridal portraits
Angela’s bouquet – from Jardiniere Flowers
bridal party
The ladies of the bridal party.
first look for bride and groom
The First Look. Since Tim and Angela were doing most of their family pictures before the ceremony, we wanted to capture the moment Tim first saw Angela’s beautiful dress. Not in this picture – Bryan and Nikki from Hindsight Video, who were also filming the first look.
wedding formals of bride and groom
These portraits of Tim and Angela were done in the gardens of the Wentworth.
bride and groom
This is the rare moment when a bride and groom find themselves alone on their wedding day.
bride and groom in front of the Wentworth by the sea hotel for their wedding
bride and groom with their daughter
The most joyful flower girl ever – Angela and Tim’s daughter Elle.
Wedding Ceremony at St. Andrews by the Sea in Rye, NH
The ceremony at St. Andrew’s By The Sea in Rye, NH
wedding rings
Here are the rings that Tim and Angela exchanged
Wedding formal photograph and the crown around me snapping away.
During the formal pictures right after the ceremony, there were more people on my side of the camera than in front of it! I’m in the blue suit with the tripod, and the other pole in the shot is a flash I use for the portraits.
Bride and groom outside the church in Rye, NH Wedding
Here’s another of those rare moments when the bride and groom are alone – this time on the wall outside the church.
Angela and Tim in front of the Saint Andrew's by the Sea chapel in Rye, NH
I asked Angela if she could walk along the stone wall because I thought it would be great for her dress, and fortunately neither she nor Tim fell off. Bryan and Nikki from Hindsight are shooting right beside me, and Lucia had to lay on the grass on the other side of the wall with a flash so I would get the great rim light along Angela’s dress.
Table settings at the Wentworth Grand Ballroom
The tables at the Wentworth, and the centerpieces by Jardiniere. The pretty purple light that reflects in each of the water glasses is from the stage lights the band had set up. It matches the bouquets, right?
cocktail hour
During cocktail hour in the pre-function space Lucia captured details of the event, and people enjoying an adult beverage or two. A recent forum post revealed that a lot of photographers don’t shoot during the cocktail hour, but sit with the band in a vendor room. Lucia and I were amazed, because we create so many storytelling pictures during cocktails.
bride and groom photographed through a frosted window
If you saw me during the cocktail hour setting up lights in the hallway outside the dining room and asking the bride and groom to stand in front of the rippled windows, this was my goal. I shot it a couple of ways, and some of my FB friends helped me confirm that this was the image of that group to show, but if you want to see the other one, I’m William von Wenzel on ‘the book’.
cake and topper
Jacque’s Pastries made a fantastic cake, but the cutest part of it was the topper, with a bride, a groom, and a little girl. Elle loved it!
The first dance
Tim and Angela’s first dance
the bride and groom dance in the Wentworth's Grand Ballroom.  Shot from the stage
The First Dance finale. This is the Grand Ballroom at the Wentworth, and the arches and chandeliers are super elegant.
wedding toasts from best man and matron of honor
Best Man and Matron of Honor toasts, and the bride and groom kiss at their table. This is a shot Lucia gets at a lot of weddings – she’s little, and can sneak up on the couple and wait for them to kiss without being observed. Or that’s how I think she gets it anyway:)
The Chad LaMarsh Band
The Chad LaMarsh Band rocked the house! Angela has been following Chad’s career for over 20 years, and was thrilled to have him perform at her wedding.
the dance floor at the Wentworth Grand Ballroom.
Angela’s kids were the hit of the dance floor. In the top left she dances with her son Ross, and on the right her son Reed took Elle for a spin on the dance floor.
brothers dancing at this Wentworth by the Sea wedding
Reed and Ross. Lucia photographed this using her stealthy skills.
last wedding photograph of the evening, with the dance floor behind them
The End Of The Night. This was the last shot I had planned for Angela and Tim’s wedding, and you might have seen me re-arranging their table and moving all the candles over. Now you know why.

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