The Wentworth Wedding of Lauren and Mike

The Wentworth Wedding of Lauren and Mike

After their beautiful Wentworth by the Sea wedding, I asked Lauren and Mike a few questions about their wedding.  I hope you enjoy learning a little more about their wedding day, as well as their images.
A wedding kiss


Lauren, your dress was gorgeous – can you tell me a little about it?

“Funny thing about my gown – it was my third dress. And yes I am very embarrassed to admit that… I knew this was THE ONE by the way it made me feel when I put it on. I wanted a mix of lace with a fuller bottom. And this dress had all the elements. Mike loved my dress I knew I made the right choice because he kept telling me how beautiful I looked all night.”



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Betsy from Bridal Vision did my hair and make up, and she was great and really listened to what I wanted!

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Your flowers were beautiful!  What florist did you use?

Kathy from Jardeniere. I chose all ivory flowers. I’m in love with orchids, lilies and hydrangeas which we used! She also made great suggestions on complimentary flowers.

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You and Mike saw each other before the ceremony, and we had him waiting for you to tell him to turn around and look at you – our ‘First Glance’ moment.  What was that like?

It was so much fun… Before I tapped mike on the shoulder for our first glance I took a deep breath and he turned around slowly. He was speechless!

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Mike and I met back in our college years at University of Hawaii 4 years ago. I knew he and I would be together forever a few months in to our dating. Even after months apart every summer we still managed to stay strong. After the death of both my parents he was by my side the whole way too.


Mike and I first met at our mutual friend Jake’s birthday party. I thought Mike was extremely handsome but he was so shy. Usually the roles are reversed and I’m the quiet one! We started talking, and never stopped… My family adores him as did my mom and dad. I was fortunate he got to meet them before they passed away, and got to know the man that I was spending all my time with!


Mike, tell us a little about the groomsmen.

I chose my closest friends from highschool and from living in Hawaii. I obviously wanted to have my brothers Chris and Matt next to me on this day. Chris was a great Best Man and delivered a great speech that nobody will soon forget.

the groomsmen


the bridal party

My matron of honor Laurissa and I have been best friends for 22 years. We met when we were just 5 years old! Despite living thousands of miles apart we still talked on the phone everyday and saw each other any chance we could. My other bridesmaid Danielle I met through Laurissa, they were friends in college. My friend Maggie and I met in Hawaii, and lucky us she moved to new jersey 2 weeks after we moved, so we are only about an hr away from each other now!  My friend Rachelle and I met at work 5 years ago. She came out to Hawaii to visit me a bunch which was awesome because the island can feel isolated at times. My other bridesmaid was my cousin Alyx whom I’ve known her whole life. My flower girl Charlotte is Laurissa’s daughter and the cutest little girl in the whole world.


What was the most memorable moment for you of your wedding day?

Well there’s a few. The funniest moment was definitely Charlotte’s melt down walking down the aisle. She was not having it, which made for a good laugh. I also enjoyed my first glance with Mike. He had no words! I literally made him speechless. He kept saying I looked beautiful and twirled me around like a princess in my gown. Our first dance was very special too. And I’m a terrible slow dancer so the fact that I didn’t fall or step all over his feet was memorable in itself.

“I wanted a vintage theme with very neutral colors. My dress had a mixture of lace and tulle with a sash that tied in to a bow in the back. I absolutely love bows so we tried to incorporate that in various places, such as our cake, cake cutters, and a little bow tie on our guest book. Our guest book was a big tree where people could sign the leaves so our ice sculpture was made to match that. I love flowers and the sun so I was extremely grateful the sun came out that day despite the awful forecast! I believe 2 people were looking out for me. Thanks mom and dad!”

We chose the Wentworth by the Sea because of the excellent service and fabulous location. I’ve always dreamed of getting married in a gazebo (which we did). The ballroom was so amazing from the delicate chandeliers to beautiful drape on the windows. The Wentworth did such a great job helping my vision come alive. I loved the floating candles and wooden chairs. And people are still talking about the cool presidential service at dinner.

The food was awesome. We had either salmon or steak (Mike ordered both haha) I had the chicken. They we’re able to accommodate my picky taste and give me a different entrée. I also loved the cheese table. I know Mike loved the raw bar because he had plates of lobster.


Our first dance song was Michael Buble ‘s “everything” and our last song was Pink’s raise your glass. That was a special request by me. That song really gets me pumped!


You had a great band – who were they?

Boston players!  They rocked the house! My favorite part was when they brought mike and I on stage to sing. Mike was killing it and raised up his hands and so did the whole crowd, he said he felt like a king.

the men smoke cigars during the wedding reception at the Wentworth by the Sea

So, you spent the day being photographed by Focus Photography, and because of your work schedule and living in Hawaii, we hadn’t had a chance to work together ahead of time.  How did we do?

It was so much fun! Mike and I are pretty shy in front of the camera and so it was great. Will and I Lucia have zany open personalities and made us laugh. Communication was flawless and they were very open to do anything we wanted!


I’m glad I asked!  I hope you always have as much love for each other as you felt on your wedding day!

Thanks for looking.  By the way, you can see more great Wentworth weddings by visiting our Wenthworth by the Sea page – Will


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