Robert and Devan
@ The Wentworth by the Sea

The Wentworth Wedding of Robert and Devan

Devan and Robert had all the ingredients for a fabulous wedding and an amazing party, and you’ll see in these images that everything worked perfectly for them. I kind of think there should be a master recipe for a great wedding, and since I’ve never seen one, I’m writing the cookbook right now!

Recipe and Ingredients for a Wonderful Wedding

  • Great Venue – They chose the Wentworth by the Sea in Newcastle
  • Supportive Families – Probably the most important thing on this list. The Littlefields and the Cooksons were amazing.
  • Wedding Party that will do anything to help – we think Devan’s girls should get trophies they were so good.
  • Super Fun Couple – This one’s non-negotiable, if you’re not fun, you’re wedding will never be stellar. Devan and Robert – totally fun.
  • Weather – Wind and rain are always challenging. It was so sunny on October 22nd Robert almost couldn’t keep his eyes open.
  • Party – It takes a good band or a great DJ to keep your friends on the dance floor all night, and then you need to have friends that dance! Check.
  • Decor – A plain vanilla room won’t do. Kathy from Jardiniere had the prettiest flowers on crystal pedastals, and the DJ Billy lit the walls of the Grand ballroom pretty colors.
  • Fun and Creative Photographers – Hey, it’s my recipe. Did you really think I’d leave myself off of it?

Check out my favorite pictures, and when you or someone you know plans a wedding, remember this recipe!

The view of the Wentworth Marina from Devan's room
The view of the Wentworth Marina from Devan’s room. The marina suites are 1000% the best place for brides to get ready at the Wentworth by the Sea. They have more room than the hotel rooms, a lot more privacy, and you won’t have to walk through the hotel lobby. Plus, look at this view!
Devan's dress was from Madeleine's Daughter in Portsmouth.
Devan’s dress was from Madeleine’s Daughter in Portsmouth.
bridesmaids pouring champagne on wedding day in pajamas
bridesmaids in pajamas
Gina, Dylani, and Robyn – the best bridesmaids ever.
bride in wedding dress on balcony overlooking wentworth marina portsmouth, new hampshire wedding
bride in wedding dress from Madeleine's Daughter
The dress, the flowers, the makeup – it’s all perfect, right?
groom in Tuxedo
Robert’s Tuxedo was also from Madeleine’s Daughter
first look for bride and groom at wentworth marina
bride in wedding dress approaches groom from behind on wedding day at wentworth marina
wedding couple sees each other for first time on wedding day
The first time Robert saw Devan in her wedding dress.
formal portrait of bride and groom at wentworth by the sea marina on wedding day
bride and groom with fall leaves behind them
The gardens at the Wentworth offer both shade and pretty background colors, particularly in fall!
wedding couple in gazebo made of lattice wood on wedding day
portraits of groom by himself
Robert – very dignified until….
This is Robert’s son Jaxon, and his influence on Robert.
groom and his wedding party of groomsmen
The Men
bridal party of bridesmaids and flower girl
The bridesmaids and flower girl
bridesmaids photos with bride
candid moment of bride and maids talking and laughing in gazebo at Wentworth by sea
father of the bride walks daughter down aisle at wedding in New Castle, NH
The gazebo ceremony lawn at the Wentworth by the Sea hotel in New Hampshire
The gazebo sits in the gardens in front of the Wentworth Lobby.
wedding ceremony and ring exchange
fist pumping for wedding couple after ceremony
groom dips bride as he kisses her at wedding ceremony
I sometimes ask the couple to kiss at the end of the aisle – few have this much style and enthusiasm for the task!
wedding rings on couples hands
wedding couple under veil
The wedding invite among candles at the event
bride and groom enter the ballroom and have their first dance together
Intros and first dance
speeches and toasts at wedding
Speeches and toasts
food server brings dinner plates at wentworth wedding
Servers in white gloves delivered dinners, and look at that amazing flower arrangement!
wedding rings photographed on mirror
wedding cake by jaques Pastries
Robert and Devan chose a cake by Jaques’ Pastries for their wedding.
bride dances with her father on her wedding day
Parent dances for both Devan and Robert
groom and his mother dance at wedding
dance floor party picture of bride at wedding wentworth by the sea hotel
bride and groom tango on dance floor at wentworth wedding
DJ Billy set led uplights around the ballroom for the pretty colors you see on the walls.
couple dances during wedding
uncle celebrates on dance floor at wedding
No, this was not photographed during the song YMCA. Good guess. Uncle Bill was just really happy for the couple. It was that kind of night.
flower girl dresses as lucidor for party at wedding
I think Everly makes a great Luchidor!
bride on dance floor
Devan’s brother John throwing down on the dance floor. Also, Dylani appears to be reading notes she wrote on her palm, and a guy we can’t see is making the Devil’s horns with his fingers. I swear those horns weren’t there when I selected this image for the website. Creepy.
purple lights on dance floor
This is what the party felt like all night. Spinning, laughing, drinking, hands clapping, and whenever you looked, Robert and Devan were having another moment together.
bride and groom in hallway outside elevator.
windows in the Grand Ballroom at the Wentworth, with the couple behind them.
Windows and mirrors line the Grand ballroom, and have these very regal curtains. The glass is frosted, giving us this impressionistic photo of Devan and Robert at the end of the night.

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Here's the vendors that made this wedding work!


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