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Brian and Christina definitely worked the Westin!  From the start of their day to the end of their party, they got the most out of that hotel!  Here’s some things to look for – Christina at the top of the east in the morning for bridal portraits; the guys drinking at The Little Taphouse; sunset on the roof of the Westin; and the Jim Ciampi band tearing the roof off the party.  

Groom and men at Westin Wedding, Portland Maine
Brian and the Guys out front of the Westin (formerly the Eastland Park) and at the Portland Museum of Art
groom stops by Little Tap House before ceremony
We needed the guys to leave the hotel so Brian wouldn’t bump into Christina, so they arranged for their limo to pick them up at a local pub, and Alison followed them over. I guess she was thirsty?
Bridesmaids at the Westin
portraits of bride at Westin Wedding, Portland Maine
Westin weddings top of the east
The Westin staff was kind enough to let us use the Top Of The East bar before it opened.
Bridesmaids at a Westin Wedding
Saint Bartholomew's Church Cape Elizabeth
ceremony in church in cape elizabeth wedding
bride and groom formals at Westin Wedding, Portland Maine
Westin Portland Maine Wedding photography
couple at Westin Wedding, Portland Maine
toasts and dances at Westin Wedding, Portland Maine
jim ciampi band at Westin Wedding, Portland Maine
The Jim Ciampi Band rocked the reception!
Are You Getting Married At The Westin?
Welcome wedding couples!  We love working at the Westin (We live in Portland, so it’s literally 2 minutes away!), and we hope you’ll consider Focus Photography for your wedding.  We wanted to let you know that we have a whole page of Westin weddings for you to look through besides this one. Click Here for that archive page. Of course, if you’re shopping for wedding photographers, we’d love to tell you a little about us.  Check out our wedding info, or call us to talk about your Westin Wedding! And you know how we mentioned that we really like shooting at the Westin?  We offer a unique signing bonus to Westin couples who choose us, all because you selected one of our favorite venues for your wedding. (Some restrictions apply.)  
rooftop view of portland - couples portraits at Westin Wedding
Bad news Westin brides – the hotel no longer lets us take clients out on the rooftop:( But we’ll get you a lot of other awesome images!

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