The Winter Wentworth Wedding of Sheila and Alex

The Winter Wentworth Wedding of Sheila and Alex

In any season, the Wentworth by the Sea is one of our favorite places to work, but in the Winter, its attributes are particularly appreciated. Even on the coldest wedding day, you can be photographed outside for a few minutes, but once your skin turns blue, that appeal wears off, and we’re going back indoors. At the Wentworth, they’ve got a whole hotel full of elegant nooks where shooting indoors gives you great images.

Here’s a few of our favorites – I hope you like them.  If you click on the images you can browse them all full-screen, and go here if you want to sign up to see the whole gallery when it’s posted.

The East Turret Suite At The Wentworth
Shoes And Flowers
Kathy from Jardinierre in Portsmouth provided the flowers – she always has great designs.
Bride In The Hotel For Portraits
Sheila in the front lobby
Bridal Portraits
I love the front lobby of most hotels, but the Wentworth has such a bright and sunny feeling that it would be a shame not to use it!
Bridal Party On Small Boat
The Truth – located on the bow of the Wentworth
Groom Portrait
Detail Of Groom'S Cufflinks
Alex’s cufflinks were handed down for 2 generations. A working abacus!
Groomsmen In Gazebo At Wentworth Gardens
Groomsmen Out Front Of Wentworth Hotel
The groomsmen at the front of the Wentworth Hotel
First Look In The Solarium
First look in the Solarium
Groom Sees Bride For First Time
Wedding Portrait At Wentworth By Sea
Couple Gazes Out Window
The Center Third Of The Wentworth Ballroom. Snowflakes Were Projected By Entertainment Specialists.
The center third of the Wentworth ballroom. Snowflakes were projected by Entertainment Specialists.
Wedding Ceremony
After Ceremony Couple Looks Triumphant
A Large Group Photo After The Ceremony
A large group photo after the ceremony
Appetizers - Always The Best Part Of Cocktail Hour
Appetizers – always the best part of cocktail hour
Placecards And Flowers
Place setting cards by Portsmouth Invitations – part of the paper suite.
Crazy Entrances For Bridal Party
These were WWE (wrestling) themed introductions.
Couple Enters Ballroom
First Dance
First Dance
Wedding Cake - Blue And White With Sparkles On Top
Cake by Jacques
Cake Cutting
Lucia always gets in really tight for a great picture of the couple’s hands as they cut into the cake.
Invitation And Rings
Stationary by Jillian – a friend of the couple
Bride Dances
The Winter Wentworth Wedding Of Sheila And Alex | Recent Events | Maine Wedding Photographers
Dance Pictures With Grandma
Grandma “Honey” cutting a rug
Dance Shenanigans
What happens on the dance floor… may not stay on the dance floor. There’s photographers around 🙂
More Crazy Dance Pictures At Wedding Reception
These Girls Remind Me Of Russian Nesting Dolls - Each One Smaller Than The Next!
These girls remind me of Russian nesting dolls – each one smaller than the next!
Bride And Groom Dance At Reception
Bouquet Toss At Wentworth Wedding
The bouquet toss was well thrown to the back row, but the little girl who recovered it dove to the floor to get it.
Couple Dances
This image has a little motion-blur from the dance floor, but we like to say it’s emotionally in focus. Actually, it would be easy to always have a fast shutter for the dance pictures and never have the blur, but those shots don’t convey the movement and the feeling of being there as well, so we often slow our shutters to increase the motion-blur.
Glowing Flower Arrangements On Head Table
The head table flower bouquets (Jardiniere) had led lights inside them, so they literally glowed in the dark! How cool is that?
Couple Kisses Behind Thank You Sign
Super cute, right? You can see the thank you card arriving any day now. This laser-cut wood thank you was something that Sheila and Alex brought with them, knowing they’d want to send out their thank you cards right away.

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